Sample Dissertation Conclusion Paper on Electronic Health Record

The establishment of realistic measurable goals and objectives critically determines the successful implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR).

What could motivate stakeholders such as these to take part in the goal setting process?

Health workers can be motivated to set goals by helping them identify their beliefs and desires relating to the roles they would want to play in provision of better health care to patients. They should then establish the strengths and weaknesses connected to the current state of the practice so that they can determine what is working well and what requires improvements. They also should understand the roles they play in the provision of health care to patients and evaluate whether they are accomplishing what they thought they would be doing after attaining medical training. Asking health workers simple questions like whether they would like to stay connected to their practice even after leaving their jobs or what they would like to do differently in their practice if more time was available would also help in triggering motivation. Additionally it is significant that they understand that success in the provision of quality health care is determined by a combination of several factors.

What immediate value is gained by going through the processes listed in Chapter 5?

The process help in coming up with goals that guide the implementation of the EHR project and the attainment of these goals equally motivate providers and staff to make necessary adjustments and acquire new skills. All health workers are involved in coming up with creative suggestions on ways that would help eliminate inefficiency. The goals set will be meaningful and applicable to the health care practice which include clinical goals, revenue goals and goals relating to the working environment that assure balanced processes after implementation of EHR. The properly set goals will also ensure a smooth transition of the practice and all staff members. Involvement of all heath workers also ensures there is no resistance during the change process.

What personal experiences can you share?   

Personal experience relates to visiting a hospital where EHR was used to provide efficient and quick health care since it is possible to get the right medical history information quickly and possible for requests made to be handled by fewer people and satisfied quickly.