Sample Discussion Conclusion Paper on Personal and Group Transformation

The community arts studio was a brilliant concept that used very competitive methods to recruit its members. There are elements of the arts studio that were successful and offered an inclusive and welcoming environment. The art studio was designed in a way that galleries were displayed. This was a welcoming sight. The studio also offered classes without discriminating on any member of the society despite their conditions. Whereas some classes were paid for, the classes were available even to members who were not able financially.

Whereas works of art thought were going to have a positive impact on the participants and by extension the community they were meant to encourage those members of the society who are physically challenged to engage themselves and explore their talents. The studious were also located at the home areas of interested parties and therefore the benefits would trickle down to the community. The sole aim of the arts studio was not only to help discover the talents of different members of society but also learn their behaviors and offer rehabilitation that suits their unique nature.

The selection of the participants was done through advertisements and therefore those who chose to participate had the discretion to willingly join the art studio. The same studio concept can be replicated to invite members of the society to engage in different types of sport that they would like. Music can also be used as a medium. Such members are able to use music to communicate their plight and the end result will still be beneficial to the society. People with mental health need understanding and acceptance and such initiatives like the art studio are very important (Howells and Zelnik 216)

Work cited

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