Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs

OSHA cannot be assumed to be unsuitable since the laws applied in this regulation are passed after considerable scrutiny, before implementation. Furthermore, some of the laws and policies are universally accepted as laboratory and precautionary instructions. Differences in these laws from a region to another however arise from the meanings and requirements. Specifications of the work site vary from the international OSHA regulations. In this case, little of the OSHA regulations have been adhered by the administrators of these harrowing sites.

Workers in this case labor very hard in defaming situations. This is against human rights as safety comes first in OSHA. Besides, the jobs are threatening and harrowing, while the nature of the jobs is unjustifiable as the present society rightly disagrees. In as much it is necessary to have employment; the workers need qualification and experience to work in such positions. These workers lack the required knowledge, otherwise, they would not have accepted to work in such terms. Furthermore, they would have understood that the laborers have a protective organization that fights for the rights and privileges of all workers. These workers could have received more appreciation for the labor they offered. The major objective of the workers was to fulfill their desires.

In as much as the working conditions and terms were unfavorable, these workers had no right to violate safety regulations while working. Better means are available that could have been applied in airing their grievances to the right management. These workers would have sought the advice of the labor union, which could have rightfully restored their rights and penalized the employers for mismanagement of the workers. It is necessary for everyone to understand that safety and protection leads followed by the desires and fulfillment of personal desires. In extreme cases, support from the court of law should be sought.