Sample Coursework Paper on how should organizational performance at Montefiore be measured?

Performance measures play a significant role for organizations in improving internal and external communication between the employees and organization, its stakeholders and customers respectively. Montefiore should measure organizational performance based on its set goals.  The company’s employees play major roles in the achievement of set performance goals. For a company to have effective performance measurement it has to create a system that would link individual as well as teamwork behaviors to the values, goals and business strategies of a company (de Brito and de Oliveira 93). As a result, it would hence be necessary for Montefiore to ensure that all workers knows and comprehends their duties and roles to ensure that the set performance goals are attained.

Why do not all HCOs have strategic goals like Montefiore’s?

Setting strategic goals for an organization is highly demanding and requires a lot of funds to be allocated towards implementing a strategic plan. Strategic goals also require total involvement of a significant number of organization employees and require the company to set a long implementation period.  As a result, top management involvement, support, and commitment are paramount for them to assist in addressing important strategic issues. Failure of top management support would result in improper formulation and implementation of strategic goals.  HCO may opt not to set strategic goals since its operations as well as business performance could be conducted in a more effective ways than when it has implemented a strategy that could be misdirecting the daily operations. Setting strategic goals could also result in analysis paralysis since the practice requires the organization to gather a lot of information concerning its operations. As a result, the data collection and analysis may be misplaced or even get lost and terminate the completion of the strategic goals and plans (de Brito and de Oliveira 97).

What contributions should the management team make?

Management team is mandated with the roles of ensuring that organization goals are achieved as well as focusing on more strategic details and strategic directions of the company. The management should ensure that patients and employees are satisfied with the services and job descriptions respectively. This will help in avoiding risks associated with the dissatisfaction of both parties. The top management should also ensure that organization’s resources are fully utilized and hence should focus on general performance measurement.



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