Sample Coursework Paper on Healthcare System

Based on my opinion a healthcare system is the collection of people, organization and resources that have the capability of providing medical service to the clients or people. There are different healthcare systems around the world and it is vital for each nation to develop, implement and manage their systems in compliance with their diverse needs and the resources that they have or can afford. For instance, in some countries such systems are distributed to participants with inclusive efforts of governments and religious bodies. It is asserted that a good health system will provide quality services to the people whenever they need to be served. In order to achieve this mapping of services will be adequately done based on the funding available, presence of well-trained personnel and available information coupled with enabling policies.

The first article discusses on the examination of the quality and efficiency of the US healthcare system (Sameer Kumar and Ghildayal Ronak, 370). It credibly points out that the system is important in the economy as it absorbs a substantial amount of government spending. The system is one of the largest in the world due to its heavy investments and has changed the provision of healthcare services to its citizens through reduced costs; reimbursing cost incurred and improving consumer behavior. The information in the article is reliable since it has reviewed credible and up-to-date literature. The authors of the article are also credible as the company is renowned for linking credible research articles and papers around the world.

The second article discusses the problems experienced in the US healthcare system that relates to access, cost and most importantly the quality of healthcare services. The information contained in the article is reliable since these issues have been recurring over the past decade though it is can be established that the system is in the right direction despite the political barriers that acts as hindrance. According to the credible authors of the article, if the political and information barrier are eliminated the system would be in a position to provide health services at a subsidized and cheaper cost coupled with high quality services (Frakt Austin and Aaron Carroll, 24). The information contained in the article is credible since most of the statistics have been derived from the US healthcare system and documentations.

The second article was more persuasive as it discussed the developments of the US healthcare in the last decade while pointing out at the problems and suggesting solutions. This is in line with my original view that asserted that healthcare systems are different from one country to another due to the problems experienced and services offered. My opinion has changed to acknowledge`2 that for a system to provide quality services then barriers have to be elimination

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