Sample Article Review Paper on Regulations for Mandated Reporting

All counties in California provide protection services for both adults and children. In this regard, children are considered as persons below the age 18 while adults are divided into two categories. Elderly adults are persons with an of 65 years and above while dependent adults are in the range of 18-64 years. The main goal of these protection services is to protect both adults and children from neglect, abuse, violence or exploitation (Ruoff, 2016). Firstly, the various regulations for mandated reporting among adults include investigations in apartments, private homes, hospitals and hotels. Abuse in hospitals is handled by the California’s health services departments while residential or intermediate care centers are handled by the aging department (Ruoff, 2016). In addition, state hospital department is responsible for handling mental abuse cases. After investigative reports have been done, services such as counseling, advocacy and conservatorship are arranged. In my opinion, I believe such services would ensure that adults are able to live longer and meet their needs. Furthermore, they will be relieved from mental issues such as stress.

Secondly, protection services offered to children include various mandated regulations. Once facts have been obtained concerning neglect, abuse or exploitation, the CPS first accepts such cases. Intervention measures can then be applied where necessary (Passavant, 2016). Such measures could include advocacy or removal from homes of abuse. Support services and can then be provided to families needing help followed by assessment and clarity of the real issues affecting such children (Passavant, 2016). Once this has been done, planning can then be done to include setting frames and identification of resources. The next steps are to document and terminate cases for transfer to other programs. According to laws stipulated abuse includes sexual exploitation, physical injuries, caretaker neglect and cruelty. In my opinion, I think such services would ensure that children acquire the needs important in shaping their future lives. For example, counseling services makes children have reasons to live and realize their dreams.

In conclusion, protection services are important to both children and adults as it enables them to access basic needs and have hopes of living. As such, these services should continually be provided to ensure the well being of neglected, exploited and abused persons in the society.



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