Sample Article Review on Roles of the President

Of many roles assumed by presidents of the United States, the most imperative role of all of them consists in their acting as the Chief Executives, since in this position they execute policies, direct the executive arm of the government, make an executive financial plan for presentation in Congress, and choose and remove executive officers. As the Chief Executive, the U.S. president acts as the boss for all the government employees in the executive arm (“What Executive Actions”). In this regard, the president chooses the manner in which the laws of the nation will be enacted and selects officers and advisors who will assist the president in running the executive arm. From the first day in office, the president already exercises executive orders, which means that this role of the president is of primary importance.

For example, President Trump has demonstrated the way his policy will take through unilateral executive orders he made soon after his inauguration. Amidst controversies, Donald Trump elevated Stephen Bannon, who was earlier an editor, to the National Security Council (“What Executive Actions”). This gave Stephen Bannon a security responsibility formerly assumed by military generals. Moreover, the president decided to change the operations of the head of national intelligence (the uppermost military official in the nation) to just attending conferences that entail his tasks and proficiency. President Trump has also endorsed executive orders concerning the building of the wall alongside the southern border in an effort of securing the boundary with Mexico (“What Executive Actions”). One of the orders affirms that the United States will erect an impenetrable and contiguous physical blockade. Another order involves hiring ten thousand more immigration officials and deportation of undocumented migrants. These examples of President Trump`s executive orders show that being the Chief Executive is the main role of the president that allows introducing serious changes long before the legislative branch starts its work

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