Sample Admission Essay on Statement Purpose

I hereby wish to tender my application for the Master of Arts Degree in Health Studies in the Department of Health Science at the University of Alabama. I have a strong interest in Health Studies, as I find the area of study interesting and intriguing, and therefore a subject that I would like to have a chance to pursue. I am particularly interested in gaining knowledge from the program and putting this knowledge into practice.

I completed my undergraduate my Bachelor’s in 2014 at Georgia Southern University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies. Health Studies is an interest that I have for both personal and professional purposes and I believe that pursuing it as an MA will help me achieve my goal in gaining more knowledge in health as well as put the knowledge in practice at a professional level.

I have chosen the University of Alabama to pursue the MA program given the flexibility and in depth status of the program offered by the University. I understand from my research that as a graduate of the program from the University, I will be in a position to assess needs for health education and health promotion, communicate to individual and groups’ health needs, concerns and resource in addition to acting as a resource for those that seek health education and health promotion.

I have looked at the program’s curriculum and I have been impressed by the course descriptions provided in the curriculum. The courses spanning from techniques in research, health behavior and health promotion techniques to diversity and sexuality education excite me, and I am convinced that I have made the right decision in choosing the University for the MA program.

My previous experience as a call center intern, consultant intern and guest service operator have involved disseminating information and making recommendation. The experiences have also involved working with people, actions that I believe I excel. The challenge of working with different kinds of people from a diverse set of backgrounds puts me at a better position in disseminating health promotional information. I believe, therefore, that an MA in Health Studies will widen my scope as well as sharpen my people skills as I help others make informed and healthy choices in their lives. Although I have no previous education or experience in health, it is my belief that my undergraduate degree in General Studies that spans a number of disciplines puts me at a vantage position in pursuing a career in health promotion.

Thank you for your consideration in the program. Kindly contact me for any other information or material that I need to provide. I have enclosed my resume and statement of purpose letter as I look forward to you reply.


John Turner Witt