Healthcare Sample Paper on Cellphone usage and public health

Healthcare Sample Paper on Cellphone usage and public health

The evolution of technology in the 19th and 20th century marked a new beginning in the modern society. Technological advancements such as the emergence of the cellphone from the previous immobile phones would lead to the development and growth of economy globally. Cell phones are regarded as one of the most used technologies in the human history. A huge percentage of the global population have access to cell phone use regardless of the age and gender. Cellphone technology over the years has improved efficient provision of critical services such as health care and money transfer in the human population. Cell phone gadgets all over the world had improved communication and reduced the impact of the long-distance relationship among family members. Therefore, cell phones make up an important aspect of human life, making it impossible to separate the user with the gadget. However, prolonged use of cellphone has led to an emerging trend of individuals who are addicted and obsessed with the use of cell phone; especially those with smartphones, with the capability of supporting internet access.

Cell phones have been linked with various psychological cases among its users by studies conducted to investigate impacts of a cell phone to human well-being. Repeated use of cellphones was associated with irregular sleep patterns among its users, resulting in sleep disturbance, and symptoms of depression in young adults(Sara, Annika and Mats). Further studies showed that nightly disturbance caused by cellphones through messages or calls, and access to social media is a menace among the teenagers in the society. Withdrawal symptoms without access to a cell phone by frequent users, especially teenagers, explained the psychological impacts of this technology.

Cell phone usage among the users has been linked with addiction over time, leading to cases of low self-esteem. Poor social relationships have been caused by frequent use of cell phones, whereby users prefer to check out the thing they like and prefer, rather than having a meaningful interaction with their family members and friends in the social arena. Overuse of cell phones brings emotional attachment of the user to the gadget, a case that may result in mental health degradation of the users(Zahra, Bibi and Yasamin). It may eventually lead to brain tumors among adults and teenagers since studies indicate that radiation emitted by cell phones may alter the structure of the genes and increase chances of memory loss.

The emergence of the Internet and its integration with cellphones has had a devastating impact on the intellectual prowess of humans. Students have shown consistent use of cellphones enabled with the web during examination tests and their studies(Zahra, Bibi and Yasamin). Cases of examination irregularities in academic institutions have been related to the use of cell phones sneaked by students to check for answers on google. Internet and cell phones have affected the mental ability of humans to think critically and have a dependent thought on critical issues.

Cell phone technology has impaired the intellectual ability of the users to synthesize information, especially if used with the internet. Over-reliance on the use of cellphone has been reported to hamper the ability of the users to make decisions, as they are unable to come up with inferences and cognitive prowess to think critically(Sara, Annika and Mats). Artificial intelligence is gradually replacing the human brain natural cognitive ability. Dependence of cellphone use by human might eventually lead to a rise of “slaves to the cellphone,” resulting in individuals with poor social skills and communication capability.


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This website is very significant in pointing out the psychological impacts of cell phone to human health. Critical thinking is highly affected since the cognitive prowess of the users is inhibited by frequent cell phone use and the associated access to internet use. The source explains how human beings are becoming more dependent with the gadget that manipulates and shape the social roles and function of the brain.

Zahra, Babadi-Akashe, et al. “The Relationship between Mental Health and Addiction to Mobile Phones among University Students of Shahrekord, Iran.” Addict Health (2014): 93-99. Web.


The relationship between cell phone use and students in academic institutions is scrutinized to explain the effects of this technology to intellectual ability of the users. Results indicated that students relied on mobile phone in their learning environment and used it to communicate with others. However, this source points out the adverse impacts of cell phone in contributing to various examinations irregularities and change in social interaction.