Healthcare Sample Paper on APN Professional Development Plan

Introduction to the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) professional development plan

The professional development plan is defined to be the process of continuously absorbing new knowledge, ideas together with skills that have a relation to the profession and the job responsibilities. However, the professional development plan is always designed with the primary intention of documenting the required objectives, skills and goals necessary in fulfilling the goals. Therefore, narrowing down to the nurse practitioner, it always has a lot of questions together with challenges. Hence, with the availability of the plan in professional development, some of the obstacles can be much easier and less challenging. With the possession of a development project which entails of proper understanding of the regulations together with the scope of practice, doing the analysis of the network strategies, dong a personal assessment in conjunction with a curriculum vitae can be of great importance to the student in the process of pursuing the career.

APN Scope of Practice

Different states usually have the different view to the scope of practice of the APN. However, every state always has the regulations that the APN has to adhere to. Moreover, every state is usually differently prepared regarding education and the laws are always defined as full practice, reduced or limited. However, the majority of the states depending with the freedom they possess within their practice always requires different paths to becoming an APN. In the state of Florida, the APN has to get a license of RN, national certification together with the graduate degree. The state of Florida usually allows the reduced practice when it comes to the advanced practice nurse.

With the reduced training to be an APN, it means that there will be an independent practice for the NP and hence become a primary health care provider. Although the NP has to work together with the physician regarding medication prescription. However, in Florida, the APN usually works hand in hand with the doctor to the almost full mandate of the patient’s care and also by becoming a primary care provider in prescribing practices.

Personal assessment

Considering the Benner’ Self-Assessment Novice to the Expert Model, on my side in my field am a novice, and hence I will do as per what the novice do. However, despite the fact that I have I possess the basic understanding of what I should do, therefore, lacks the previous knowledge of what I should do. Accordingly, I possess a prior knowledge being as registered nurse but when it come to a nurse practitioner, I lack its knowledge. Moreover, the despite the fact that I might have come across the nurse practitioners during visits to the office, but I haven’t worked with them or even interact with them. Therefore, the only knowledge that I might be at reach with is what I gained in my masters. However, in the analysis of the quiz that this model entails of, I feel to be through with my assessment.

The majority of the areas in my career that I would wish to focus on in detail are the prescription of medicine together with developing good relationships with my fellow workers and the patients, my skills, assisting the patient with pediatric. Moreover, am very much interested to gain knowledge in the boundaries of the APN’s in different dimensions since the APN’s skills are something I lack. Expanding my skills with pediatric patients will excite me since its strange thing to me in person. Furthermore, am hoping to offer assistance to the panel patient’s care as well as dedicating them to individuals that might look into their cases deeper. Am also hoping to be a primary provider who has a full understanding and knowledge of the effects that the patients might undergo depending on the decisions made at every level.

Moreover, some of the other services that am interested in the offering are making patients to have a good understanding of what they should do and how they should manage themselves while away om the hospital. I would furthermore not wish to make any wrong decision which might have an adverse impact on my patients. Accordingly, I will ensure that they are coping well with my approach to patient care and my treatments too. Therefore I have a strong to equip myself with a lifelong patient relationship together with skills that will proceed to perfect in my entire life.

I would like to familiarize myself with my roles within my first month in my new position. However, I will commence with an understanding that is now a nurse practitioner and my roles are no longer of a registered nurse. Therefore it’s my desire to implement a sense of agreement with my co-workers, my environment together with my patients. I hope to develop a sense of patient panel, an understanding of my daily duties jointly with the scope of practice in the second month. In my third month, I will have expectations of being my facility assets because I will have come across several patients acquired an understanding of my panel of my patients together with their cases. Because I will have gained a proper understanding of medication prescription, I will, therefore, realize that I am in a new role that is from novice to an expert.

Networking and Marketing Strategies

The advanced practice nurses in Florida usually possess an opportunity to work in different institutions like hospitals, organizations that offers various health intervention together with even schools. However, they usually involve themselves in different activities while in the nursing schools including teaching various divisions. The marketing roles by the APNs is always a daily activity that involves the provision of the highest quality care to the society. Contrary to other businesses which always involve the profit oriented marketing. However, the advertisement has to done by using campaigns which concentrate much on community health status improvement.

Because the internet is assisting a lot in regarding job posting, the web can be used by the employers to get the full information about the use of advanced tools in the process of recruiting the candidates. Although there are multiple local and national posts to advertise employment for the APN which seems to be very competitive with several candidates, there is one strategy which can work best. The strategy is to create accounts and hold the professional online profiles with the help of video resumes to help differentiate yourself from other candidates despite suggestions that marketing and networking yourself online can eliminate a job search.

Use of Instagram can assist in networking and not only link you to other fellows together with professional contacts but also maintains your name within the minds of the employers. Personal networking is the best way that helps enduring connections which is also the upcoming modern way. YouTube, Instagram, Google, etc. can reach a large number of people globally and hence contribute to getting the job through the provision of character check together with professionalism. Accordingly, being in possession of these types of accounts can affect searching of employment negatively in the case where they are not professional. Because majority of the employers do check social media accounts, the posting of the jobs online can be found at various sites like, and much more.

Keeping in mind that local papers together with are also best places to begin my job search, my first step will be to understand the areas in which the APN qualifies to work in first. For instance, the fields that the APN’s having family practice can operate are hospitals and clinics. The APNs together with the physicians needs to work hand in hand for the essence of medication prescription despite the fact that the APNs can own clinics.

Curriculum Vitae

Name, credentials:

Home Address:

Work Address:


Email Address:


Master’s in nurse practitioner, 2017-current

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2016

Degree                                :

Graduate Date                    :

University                            :

University’s address            :

Professional Employment   :

April 2017-current, nurse practitioner

March 2015-Feb 2016, registered nurse-case manager for a group of more than 30 people. However, was using professionalism and critical thinking to provide care to patients.

January 2013-march 2015, registered nurse- caring for the patients in critical state

Nursing Position                    : Registered Nurse

Date of employment              : 2015 September

Employer                                 :

Admission, direct bedside patient care, discharging together with education. Patients that comprise of stroke and orthopedic.

Licensure and Certification:
  •    Florida state Board of nursing-Registered Nurse:
  •   ACLS: Valid and renewed 11/31/2017
  •    BLS: Valid and renewed   8/16/2017
Lectures, Course, and Presentation:
  •    Health care policy and obesity in Florida 5/1/2017
Public/ Community service:

City home together with caring of homeless, 5/6/2017, 7/4/2016, 6/7/2015


The improvement of the quality, affordable health services, and the equitability for the population are the advantages of the APNs approach. However, the health care reforms also have to put into consideration most of these issues to improve the health sector. Accordingly, nurses are of great importance regarding advocating for the advanced practice nurses by proposals together with research which will after that allow the area of health to improve. Hence the APNs are of great importance in health with reason that the vacuum in the health system is filled up

I, therefore, consider myself in possession of strategies for my future and what to expect depending on my inbuilt confidence that I have gained when analyzing plans throughout the paper. However, during transition optimistic, enthusiastic together with focus are always the most probable feelings to experience. Moreover, it’s always obvious to feel in this perspective though it requires proper plans and recognition of this role change not being comfortable. Therefore, having a clear understanding of all stages that is the scope of practice, making the self-assessment, analysis of the networking and marketing strategies together with developing a personal curriculum vitae is termed to be a good start on the way to changing of professional roles.