Healthcare Sample Essay on Inter-Professional Relationships


Nursing is the oldest profession that has remained highly appreciated and important to man. According to the International Council of Nurses, (2017), nursing comes under the health and medical sector, which is very important to any nation. The nursing profession has various departments that facilitate its success. It also involves many activities in their service to humanity.

We have all come across a nurse either when we are ill or when we are visiting someone else who is unwell in a hospital. Nurses do a great service to humankind as they take care of the unwell who may not have other people to take care of them. The work nurses do is also sometimes is also too hard for others. It is hard to inject someone and especially children; seeing how small they are and how much they cry during injections but nurses know the importance of the injection and go ahead with the injection although it makes the patient uncomfortable.

Nurses play an important part in the growth and development of any country and organization. When soldiers in the military are involved in any accidents the nurses take care of their wounds and other prescribed medicine. Expectant mothers, also get great service in the hospitals from the nurses taking care of them and their newborns some of them even teach first-time mothers how to perform basic tasks in taking care of their children. It is thus easy and true to say they serve humankind in a great way.

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Who is a nurse? A nurse is an individual who has qualified the already set standards in order to allow him/her to practice nursing in a certain nation, region, or state. A qualified nurse takes care of the unwell and the infirm by providing holistic support. Nurses offer their services to all people: old, young, men, women, and children in society without showing biasedness in their service.

As mentioned earlier nursing is a very important and critical area of a country and the economy at large. Without nurses in the hospitals and dispensaries, the health sector would be adversely affected in a negative way.  This would also inconvenience the citizens looking for medical assistance. This is because the roles they play are very important.

 Functions of nurses

Nurses act as a link between their patients and the external world. They pass the message that would have been said by the patients themselves.  For instance, a patient who has given up in life because of the illness he/she is suffering from can talk to the nurse who would help her by either talking sense into the patient and encouraging the patient or would invite the hospital counselor who she is sure would be in a position to assist the patient. It is also the role of the nurse to know the appropriate way to communicate to the patients and family members on issues that come along.

Nurses are the decision maker for the patients they serve. They are supposed to critically evaluate situations on behalf of their patients and especially those who have major complications and would require more attention. Nurses have the responsibility of interpreting patients’ situations and making sound decisions for the well-being of their patients.

The nursing profession promotes the offering of care to the patients. Nurses offer care to their clients making them feel appreciated and part of society. Ensuring that the parents feel loved may help the patients in their healing process. Patients require different levels of care. These levels vary with the nature of their illness. Nurses should show love to their patients and give more attention to those who require it more.

Nurses are advocates for their clients. They protect their patients’ rights. This role is essential for patients who are not able to express themselves. The nurse knows his/her patients and so would be able to know what the patient wants and ensure that the patient gets it.

 Inter-Professional Relationships

No man is an island and so even nurses require each other at work. Nurses work with various groups at their work. They have to cooperate with the management who are in charge of their places of work. It is the role of management to ensure that the medical institution runs effectively. The nurses work with their colleague nurses in their day-to-day operations and rely on each other for support and expert advice. Nurses also work with the doctors in charge of their patients. Lastly, nurses work hand in hand with the patients.

The above are examples of relationships that enhance the success of the nursing profession. Nurses have to ensure that they are in good terms with each other and other people in their environment so that their work is effective.


            Inter-professional conflicts are the disagreements that come after one or more staff feels that the respect and honor they deserve is not being addressed to them. These conflicts usually lead to problems at work and eventually may lower the quality of work offered in the hospitals.

A good inter-professional relationship is necessary for promoting quality health services. It is through teamwork that groups, organizations, and institutions are able to fulfill their purpose. However, they are faced with a lot of opposition.

  Barriers to inter-professional relationships

Some of the nurses are not properly educated on their roles and how they relate to other professionals. Lack of this knowledge promotes disagreements and enmity which in the long run reduces the quality of work being done

Collaboration with other professionals is also discouraged by the fact that some of them are not aware of the hierarchy in administrative structures. This is the knowledge of the overall nature of the management. The nurses should be aware of who they should report to at all times and who is in charge of the various departments at their place of work.

Lack of commitment by some of the nurses in the hospitals may cause conflicts. This is because the other staff is forced to work an extra mile in order to cover up the work that would have been done by the uncommitted nurse.

Nurses should be equipped with skills that will enable them to collaborate with other professionals. The skills enable the nurses to be able to work effectively with other staff and in the process learn new skills from the other staff. This in turn raises the quality of work done

Some of the nursing may lack interest in team members and the importance of working in teams. This is mostly because of conflicts with either a team member or team members.


Nurses must learn to share the responsibility of a patient. Nurses are there to help the sick improve their health. Nurses should thus learn that every nurse is there in order to help the patients. They should thus learn to be willing to share the responsibility of their clients.

They should also learn to work in teams and overcome all types of barriers that come along. These barriers include conflicts that come in at work. They should be able to work effectively and avoid conflicts that would cause division.

The nursing department should create a committee that aims at promoting collaboration between the nurses. This committee would also help in resolving work-related conflicts


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