Essay Sample Paper on Health Care Plan In The Usa

Healthcare Plan In Usa

Healthcare access in the U.S is a right given the structures put in place to make sure a majority of the citizens can access the services conveniently. As of 2014, 89.6% of the population had their healthcare covered with a majority of these been under private health insurance plan as compared to those under the government health cover at 66% and 36.5% respectively (Merino, 2012).

The government has the responsibility to cover for the health care for those who cannot afford to insure for their health. The government collects taxes from the citizens and it therefore need to cover citizens of limited means. Subsidized health services to low income earners would a good gesture to the citizens from the government as health is crucial in the well being of the citizens. Healthy citizens are productive and of great contribution to the economy. Majority of the citizens are under health insurance plans and therefore only a small fraction of the population is locked out of this crucial aspect of human development.

Taxes should not be raised under the guise to cover for healthcare to the low income earners. The government spends so much money on defense and security with very minimal increments on tax collection, what is required is political will. A minimal number of the population is not covered for any health insurance plan and therefore does not call for more tax imposed on the tax payers. Majority of the taxes collected are not well utilized and there’s a lot of misuse and misplaced priorities. Any increase on tax in the name of health cover should not be condoned.



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