Discussion Conclusions on Mental health

The government plays a major role in ensuring that all people get access to quality and affordable care. This is because the government is responsible in controlling the prices of the drugs. On the other hand, it is able to regulate and control the health care markets to avoid destabilizing the economy, therefore it is in in order for the government to take full charge of the health care systems as they are able to finance and equip the health facilities with the appropriate health care technologies that are always very expensive.

Mental health is an important aspect of one’s health that focuses on the emotional, psychological and social well-being of a person. This determines how one’s reason, their feelings as well as the actions that he/she does. It is through this that we analyze how one is able to manage and handle stressful scenarios. It also affects our relationship with others and the kind of choices that one makes in life. In my opinion, mental illness is majorly caused by severe or long term stress. Stress in one’s life triggers an emotional imbalance as well as triggers feelings of loneliness, discrimination and even isolation; this highly affects the mind operation of a person hence leading to mental disorders.

In most societies, mental illness is viewed as a condition for the disadvantaged. At times the condition is even linked to certain curses and bad omen. As a result of this, certain traditional means are even adopted as a remedy for the condition. However, personally I view mental illness as a normal condition that should be treated through normal medical conditions. The liberals understand and embrace this concept of mental illness.