Assignment Sample Paper on Miss Evers Boys Discussion

Watch and Respond to a Specific Ethics Issue

The film exposes gross violation of human rights and racism, it reflects a society that subjects its citizens to suffering. It highlights unethical aspects of medical science in America, racism, and abuse of research subjects. In the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, poor black Americans are used as governments’ guinea pigs. The government takes advantage of its poor citizens to violate their rights(Reverby, & Sargent, 2001). There’s so much hypocrisy over the project and its objectives much to the public who are used as experiments without their knowledge or consent.

There is no government support and not that the government lacked funds but they had an agenda to accomplish at the expense of subjecting the Black community to gross suffering. The government reveals the actual motive of the experiment to study the effects of untreated African-Americans dealing with syphilis. The subjects were denied the right to consent.

The study was racially motivated, Only African Americans are put under the project where not a single white participated in the exercise and they were subjected to suffering for maliciously being denied access to medicine for a long period (The WPA Guide to Alabama, 2013).

Miss Evers was manipulated by the government to recruit her own people into the Tuskegee project as it was easier for her to convince the African American society than a White American would. The committee grilling Miss Evers is not fully committed to unearthing the evils committed against the community. Innocent citizens should not have been subjected to suffering by their own government

No government has the right to subject its own citizens to experiments that are unethical and discriminating in nature



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