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Sample Essay on Governor

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Sample Essay on Governor


The Texas regulator has exclusive powers to reject any bill made by the Senate. This happens when the Governor feels that the proposed SB may not help in improving the political environment in the county. This explains why in the year 2013 he managed to veto a number SBs. The paper looks at why Gov. Perry vetoed SB 889, 722 and 1234.

Gov. Perry Vetoes SB 889

Texas Constitution allows the Governor to veto any senate bill that in his opinion does not serve the interest of the people. In 2013, the governor vetoed SB 889 that had already been passed by 83 Texas Legislators. This action was done by the office of the governor pursuant to Article IV, Section 14 of the Texas constitution (Office of the Governor Rick Perry, 2013). The Bill would unnecessarily increase government spending, and the governor felt that this would not be for the good of the public. The reason behind this is that the legislation proposed an increment to the Texas Physician Assistant Board. Increasing the number would also lead increasing the expenditure of the already strained resources; the governor felt that other sections that needed money.

In my opinion, the Governor was justified in this action because as the overseer of public spending and all the institutions in Texas, he has that obligation. According to his explanation of why he vetoed that bill, I am satisfied that the there was no need of increasing the number of Texas Assistant Physician Board members if there was an option of that. The other reason for supporting the Governor’s decision is that he did the veto within the confines of the Constitution. The County lacked extra budget funds for the roll out of this program. The Governor further vetoed the SB 889 when the Legislature had already adjourned.

Gov. Perry Vetoes SB 722

Under similar provisions of the Texas Law, Governor Rick Perry objected to and vetoed “Senate Bill No. 722” (Office of the Governor Rick Perry, 2013) was approved by the 83 Texas Parliament. If the Bill had been signed into law, the public would have reasons to doubt the credibility of the electoral body. The law allows registered voters who cannot communicate in a language election officials can understand to choose an interpreter they can trust. The proposed SB 722 would have allowed the electoral body to choose the interpreters, an attempt that would put our county on the wrong side of the public. People should be given an opportunity to exercise their rights without being dictated by any law in Texas. The Governor was of the opinion that such a bill would open a window for bringing doubt to our public institutions. The public should have faith in the institutions of the government and doing this would amount to unnecessary suspicion. I fully support the sentiments of the Governor in the sense that people should choose whomever they think can help them in translation during an election process.

Gov. Perry Vetoes SB 1234

Additionally, Governor felt that SB No. 1234 did not deserve his approval because the Bill would have imposed sanctions on truant students without taking care of the whole problem in totality. Governor Perry argued that the proposed change was not necessary because they did not follow up the behavior of the students from one district to the other (Office of the Governor Rick Perry, 2013). This Senate Bill would not be different from the already established mechanisms to deal with the real issues that were causing truancy in students. Gov. Perry felt that the programs in place were better placed to deal with truancy than the provisions that SB 1234 proposed. His idea was that educators were best placed to combat truancy because they interacted with students in every school day. Sanctions would not go a long way; in any case, they would not deal with the main reasons causing truancy among students. My take is that Gov. Perry was extremely on the right track in refusing to sign this bill into law. The programs in place are sufficient in dealing with the major problem.


Ultimately, Governor Perry was exercising his constitutional obligation by declining to assent into law bills that in his own opinion were not for the good of the public. He also made sure he adhered to the provisions in the Texas Constitution while declining to approve the SB. This is a wakeup call to all the governors and legislators. There should be a deliberate attempt to hold fast to the guidelines of the Constitution before making decisions.








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Sample Essay on Governor

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Sample Essay on Governor

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