Sample Research Paper on Workforce Diversity

Workforce Diversity

I am employed with a beverages company working in the marketing department. the employment activities in the company adhere to the employment regulations in the country. However, despite the adherence to the employment regulations, there is a difference in the company’s departmental employment. The marketing department does not have single person with disability and I feel that there is a need for intervention on this issue.

Persons with disabilities represent the most untapped resource in the US with a 55% of college graduates unemployed. Employment in the US increased in 2015; however, the increase is not similar in the persons with disabilities population. The PWDs employment was a mere 17% as compared to 65% of the persons without disabilities. Although there are laid down regulations to protect PWDs and ensure equal employment opportunities, there is a big difference in the employment trends in the country.

Lack of employment of persons with disability in specific areas of the industry such as marketing has left many qualified labor to seek employment in areas they are not well suited to work. It has also demotivated many students with disabilities not to pursue carries in specific areas such as marketing (Kirton, 2015). With the increasing economic stains, lack of equal employment opportunities means the PWDs will be marginalized creating a social gap.

The company needs to address this issue by ensuring balanced employment for persons with disabilities in all departments. It should do this by adhering to the regulations of employment such as the Americans with disabilities act. The persons with disabilities abilities and talents have not been tapped due to lack of employment opportunities (Need, 2006). The company thus should take this opportunity to increase their competitive edge and employ the PWDs.


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