Sample Paper on Global Water Scarcity

Today water has become a very valuable commodity for the survival of our planet and its species. Water shortage has been mainly contributed by the rapidly growing population in the world which has been increasing consumption and sanitation problems coupled with the growing industrialization and development activities that have been polluting water and increasing its scarcity levels. To make the matters worse, people have taking the issue for granted and continue wasting water every day. The developing world is the most affected with nearly 1 billion people lacking access to water. Their women and children play the domestic role of searching water which takes a lot of their time limiting their potential in doing other tasks. Other problems include suffering water bone diseases and starvation. There are many problems associated with the water crisis that should not be taken for granted. The world is facing and will continue to face social, environmental and economic problems with continued scarcity of water. The situation can only be reversed if strict measures against the drastic consequences of water shortage are taken.The process should start from an individual level so that cooperation in conservation efforts is enhanced throughout the world. This paper will provide a detailed view of the issue of water scarcity in the world, its underlying causes, and measures that can be taken to reverse the situation.

  1. General overview of the Scarcity
  • Brief history of the issue
  • Is it a demand or supply problem
  1. Underlying causes water Scarcity
  • Population growth
  • Poor water management
  • Industrialization
  • Pollution
  • Other causes
  1. Consequences of water shortage
  • Social impacts
  • Economic impact
  • Environmental impacts
  1. Future implications
  2. Solutions to water shortages
  • Conserving water
  • Better sanitation
  • Wastewater treatment



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