Sample Paper on Article Review

Physics today’s article about climate change is very impressive. The article is very comprehensive and very much detailed. It discusses at length the how scientists predicted changes that would occur and some of their possible effects. It gives an overview of its effects on people, environment and different species in a simple and precise language. The events are also arranged in a very clear order with projections about the possible outcomes. It is a really important article for researchers as well as students who would like to learn about the evolution of climate change and its study. This is so because it also gives information on where to do further research for example, it provides the link to which we can get the IPCC’s initial report of 1990 (available along with subsequent assessments).

I however, feel that the article should have done better with suggesting solutions to these climate changes. What is the importance of knowing so much about the subject and the subsequent effects if we do not have the solutions? The article also talks about the extinction of some species but does not talk about how these species can be saved and also their identities. It is also ironical how the article portray Africa as the most vulnerable even though in most case these changes are brought about industrialization. I think I agree and support the thoughts of this article because of one simple reason. Over the past years different climatic changes have taken place in different parts of the world that have seen nations convene to find a solution to deal with the crisis associated.

As a scientist I believe in the things that can be proven and with the recent climatic trends I would say that I agree with the ideas of the article. If I would rate the article then it would get a four star rating and I would highly recommend it for other students and researchers.