Sample Paper on Answers in Bold

  1. What is the type of data you are examining?
  1. Examine the data from June 8-12, what does this indicate about the activity at Mt. Rainier (be specific- date(s), type of activity (increasing/decreasing), trends, etc.)?

There were fewer quakes in Mt. Rainier between June 8 and June 12. Most of the quakes that occurred during that time were centered directly alongside the volcano. There were 6 quakes reported between 8th and 12th June indicating that the average value for a month is between 30 and 37. The reading is higher as compared to those of other months.

  1. What is your interpretation of the data for potential volcanic activity in the future? What alert level should the volcano be at today? (Alert levels are shown next page). Explain your answer.

At the moment, high frequency earthquakes are still recorded near to top of Mt. Rainier. In addition to that, small swarms of more than 10 earthquakes were recorded on 16, 17, and 18 of June, 2012. These earthquakes are occurring near the surface of the earth that they are as result of hot fluid moving just a little distance beneath the moment. The alert level is also that normal one and is expected to rise in due course.

Part 2:
  1. What is the location you have been assigned?
City of Eatonville
  1. Read the USGS Fact Sheet about Mount Rainier (posted with this assignment) and find the location you have been assigned on the hazard map (included in the Unit 6 Pre-Work data). Describe what geologic hazard(s) is (are) most likely to occur at the location you are assigned if a large eruption occurs at Mount Rainier.

Eatonville is situated in close proximity with Mt. Rainier is likely to be affected by number of geological hazards such as Lava Flows and Domes, pyroclastic flows, Volcano landslides, and lahars. Lava and pyroclastic matter will flow through the city because it is closer to the mountain. Poisnous volcanic gases will also affect the resident although in small amounts since most of it will vaporize into the atmosphere. Volcanic slide will affect Eaton Ville in small scale because is too far to be reached by the geological hazard in full scale. Blasts and earthquakes may also occur in Eatonville depending on the intensity of the volcano.  In Mt Rainier erupt violently more than 48 hours; about 50 % of Eatonville’s population will be displaced with almost half of that losing their lives.