Sample Essay on Yosemite National Park

My choice to select Yosemite National Park was attributed to its unique geographical features, strategic position, and its history.50 million years ago the landscape of the present-day Yosemite consisted of broad valleys and rolling hills accompanied by meandering streams. by 10 million years ago the landscape was more dissected with the climate cooler and drier. The whole range lifted and tilted towards the west side.

3 million years ago, the landscape was a canyon with an increased lift. The ace age period was characterized by a cooler climate and reduced forests. With time the scene experienced major changes in its formations, and the topography kept on changing.10000 years the last valley glacier melted, and the terminal dammed the valley to create a shallow water body. The geology of the area is characterized by granite canyons and valleys with rock strata. Yosemite was declared a national park through an act lobbied by Congress on October 1st, 1890, but it is under the management of the state of California.

Geological and environmental challenges affecting the park currently are attributed to climate change and global warming where it experiences sporadic fires, uneven weather patterns, and a decline in the animal population. The Yosemite fire management plan was set up to address some of these challenges. The park has a vital geological significance with geologists benefitting immensely from its rich geological evidence to come up with solutions in the field of geology. I would want to see the park to witness the geological marvels and the deep geological history scattered over the vast land mass. The park is important to the present and future generations for study and recreational purposes.

The paper is of great importance to me in that it helps me to relate my class work with the facts on the ground

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