Sample Essay on Petroleum Engineer

As a petroleum engineer, there are a number of duties I would like to perform after graduation as outlined below. The first task is to compile development plans for the company as well as the industry. This will ensure that there is a maximum economic benefit to the society and the oil company. It is conducted by listing reservoir performance by applying mathematical models. Second, I will be managing multilateral and horizontal wells that have branches. This means that the activities carried out on the surface must be controlled to protect collapse of these wells. The act of controlling incorporates collecting data through surveillance. The Data collected is essential in performing maintenance and applying engineering interventions. On the other hand, maintenance of equipment strongly depends on the surveillance process. In addition, training needs of the organization will be identified at this point leading to development of a training program.

Consequently, employees training facilitates performance and efficiency thus translating to customer satisfaction. Management also involves the evaluation of production chemistry and fluid behavior. A good example of fluid behavior includes acid treatment and hydraulic fracturing. Therefore, the different department comes together to discuss issues that may bring the project to a halt. Such constant meeting helps in determining progress and planning for changes if need be. Lastly, a geologist will always maintain a good relationship with his or her clients. This is because clients are keen to know the progress. This is one of the areas I aspire to concentrate on in my career.  The reason behind this is that customer satisfaction is paramount to any other aspect of the business. Client dissatisfaction leads to dire consequences for the firm.

Reasons for Selecting the Field

The major reason as to why I chose to pursue a career in the petroleum industry is to solve energy crisis in the country as well as globally. Petroleum is one of the driving forces for economic progress for most of the oil producing countries. This infers that continuous production may lead to depletion of the rare commodity due to high demand in the global market. The level of demand creates need for harmonized oil business between the producers and consumers.  I intend to intervene and formulate formidable solutions to this sector of the economy. Another reason is to formulate safety program that will be used by wells managers to protect their employees at work. Oil wells are known for their fire outbreak that causes massive death and destructions. If proper measure were put into place to prevent the ordeal, many lives and properties would be saved from destruction. This is possible through provision of a workable framework geared to controlling fire outbreaks through policy formulation.  Moreover, conservation of the environment especially the ozone layer is not an option for petroleum industries.

The disposal of waste products is crucial to the management of the environment. The extraction of oil leaves the ground exposed in a manner that endangers the lives of people and animals. Through my contributions and dedication to improve the environment, policies that seek to promote environmentally friendly extractions will be put into practice. This goes hand in hand with government restrictions governing the oil production. These restrictions should be executed in a manner that business operations adhere to conservation initiatives. These are some of the reasons as to why I chose this field.