Sample Essay on Geo-engineering

The video features strategies to change the earth climate through implementation of geo-engineering methods. The world is faced with confrontations owing to the level of universal warming that takes place. Global warming is attributed to human actions such as pollution, overutilization of natural resources and cutting of trees.

Expansion activities such as structuring of cities and metropolitan centers have increased the level of temperatures on earth. Therefore, human beings suffer from wildfire, changing climate, high temperatures, storms and another environmental phenomenon that poses danger to life. Engineers are approaching the challenge with innovative and daring ways to solve the current situation. Thus, the planet is deemed to take new course in reference to comprehensive warming so as to save the future generation. One of the suggestions is to trim down contamination. The idea to reduce pollution has been suggested and debated by countries in many forums but has never seen the light of the day. The reason behind this is that countries are not ready to let go their economic activities that pollutes the surrounding. Development and progress of economies depends on the manufacturing and constructions activities. The echelon of contamination has depleted the ozone stratosphere that absorbs heat.  The second strategy is to maneuver the weather so that heating is concentrated on the upper side of earth atmosphere.

This can be done by sprinkling water from water bodies such as the ocean to increase the density of crowd. Dense crowds soak up a lot of high temperature an action that reduces temperature on earth. At the same point, people may engage in coloring their covering pallid so that it can reflect the heat back to the atmosphere. Therefore, the amount of heat reaching the ground is minimized by a great deal. Furthermore, placing mirror shading on the upper level makes it possible for scientist to reduce heating on the ground. Thus, the population will be secured from direct sunrays. The inventions discussed above are yet to be proven as working theories. This is because many governments are yet to adopt these suggestions. Some of the reasons provided denote that these projects are ambitious plan to change the law of nature. This may have negative effects to the natural geographic which conforms to natural processes.

Therefore, the introduction of the artificial processes may accelerate global heating. One strategy that has been neglected by nations and individuals is cutting the level of carbon emissions. Countries come up with rules to discourage emission from industries and households from time to time. However, people and industries turn a deaf year towards environmental conservation. The production of carbon per capita increases in the world from one year to the other. Therefore, government should focus on inculcating a culture of conservationist where people care for the surrounding. The ideas brought forth by Geological engineers are good but expensive to maintain for a long period of time. I therefore find that the world should invest more on green energy and environmental friendly methods of food production. This places the world at a better place towards the future.

Bethzaida Mata

I totally concur with you Mata on the idea of Collective Impact which is the norm in the world today. Previously, United States and other developed countries were leading in areas of education. However, the quality of education has declined and needs changes to facilitate learning. Therefore, the new theory in play includes collective impact involved where groups are determined to work towards a common goal.

Below is a question with regards to the issues addressed in the video.

Do you think that geo-engineering provides a real solution to the factors leading to climatic change as addressed in the video?