Sample Term Paper on Geography ID real World Activity

Place: Riyadh

Religion:Islam is the State religion in Saudi Arabia thus every citizen is required by the law to be a Muslim.

Population: Metropolitan Statistical Area: the population density of Riyadh city as at 2016 statistics was 8,000, 000. This translates to population density of 4,400 per square kilometer.

Environmental Data:

Jan Avg. Temperature: 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degree Fanheireight.July Avg. temperature: 36 degree Celsius or 96 degree Fanhereight

Jan Avg. pressure: 1,022 mbrJuly Avg. Pressure: 980 mbar

Average annual precipitation: average annual rainfall is 111 mm.

Avg. annual evapotranspiration: 14%

Climate region: desert climatic region. Classified as Bwh climate

Main climatic influences: Sub tropical high pressure system, Indian Ocean monsoon winds

Topographical region or structural region:it has a deserted topography with landscapes such as mountains, sandy and rocky deserts, wadis, meadows, salt pans and Harrats it can be divided into rain fed region in the western highlands and southwestern regions around Sarawat Mountains and the vast arid and extra arid interiors of Najd.