Sample Research Proposal Paper on History of Geographic Thought


By definition, history of geographical thought has many ideas which could be helpful especially in activities intended to bring out understanding and reconciliation between different views of reality. This is supported by the fact that geography refers to the study of diversity also known as a foundation of unity (Wardenga & Wilczynski, 1988). Ideally, the history of geographical thought is the tank of all ideas which is still looking out for their rediscovery. This paper will describe how the history of geographic thoughts allows learners to restore the identity and rationale of geography and new ways of making geography socially relevant career.

Literature review

Generally, it is accepted that the extreme necessity of pleasant development of every field of study or knowledge is the presence of humanistic component. Additionally, the history of the area of study should be embraced. However, the historical problems of a given area of study in this case, geography, few geographers support for its polishing (Kish, 1978). Ideally, Geography Information System (GIS), and maps history can assist in polishing geography by storing data in journals, symposia and electronic devices. GIS and maps history may support a geographer to capture, manipulate, store and present a geographical data.

Research Question

History of geographic thought is referred to as a field that puts together two diverse disciplines, for instance, geography and science (Bergsten, 1988). Accordingly, this leads to the question of diversity which contributes to one collection of contemporary social problems. Here, I will try to look at the problems that can be researched and analyzed through the history geography of thought. The paper will also focus on challenges that relate to inequality in the technological, social development and how people can access to plentiful of mechanical and electronic devices. Finally, the research will critically analyze the changes the everyday life and landscape in relation to our economy.


The history of geographical thought is almost certainly the only discipline, which is in a situation to re-establish geographer’s rationale to make it a socially appropriate field of study. To create new geographical thoughts, there is need to utilize past ideas. In additions, nothing new will be discovered if the past is not embraced.  An in depth research and study is therefore required to try and dig into the past of our geography. The better way to collect data is through use of map history and GIS.

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