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Sample Research Paper on Egyptian Restaurant in Denver

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Sample Research Paper on Egyptian Restaurant in Denver
Site Analysis
Figure 1: The Selected Site Thumbprint

The characteristics of the city of Denver make it an appropriate location for the proposed Egyptian Restaurant. To confirm this claim, various factors were considered and analyzed with respect to the city. First, the demographic profile associated with the city makes it possible to have chances of business success. This is because of the relatively high population in comparison to the availability of facilities for eating out. For an Egyptian restaurant, the location is even more suitable as there is low competition from other businesses. The restaurant business market statistics in Denver also indicate the potential for great profitability based on the population and the availability of resources for the same. The neighborhood within which the business is expected to develop and grow is also characterized with high levels of security due to the presence of many other commercial outlets both within and without the restaurant industry. Denver I the largest city in Colorado, this makes it a potential stop for most of the tourists that come to the State of Colorado. In addition to this, the city stands at the foot of the famous Rocky Mountains, a factor which makes it a possible tourist destination as most of the tourists who visit the mountain are likely to stop over at Denver. Based on the strategic location of the city, operating a restaurant business within the city can be very profitable. Furthermore, the city attracts tourists due to the Rocky Mountains; this implies that the restaurant, which is intended to be exotic, will attract most of the Egyptian visitors to Colorado (Infoplease, 2015).

The natural environment in which the business will operate will support its growth in various ways. The natural environment includes the climatic conditions of the city, the terrain and ecological covers. This environment is expected to help in the sustainability of the business due to the low availability of food resources in the city. Similarly, the built environment which comprises of various commercial outlets, roads and other facilities are also likely to improve the chances of business success as they will be a source of customers to the business. The demographic considerations for the business do not place much pressure on the ethnicity of the population. This is because reports show that even the native citizens of Denver have began to realize the nutritive potential of Egyptian cuisine hence they are also potential customers for the restaurant.

In terms of specific business positions, various factors were also considered which made it suitable for the proposed business. Within the same building, there are three spaces available. However, the selected space is the most suitable for this particular business due to its size. The hotel is intended to be approximately 2800 sq meters. The third space which has been selected for this business is exactly 2800 sq meters hence is the most appropriate among the three. Secondly, the site itself has ample parking space. It is expected that the restaurant will attract many customers, most of whom will come with their own cars. Because of this, the availability of parking space was one of the key considerations for the particular site. In addition to this, the site is also accessible to all probable visitors. Situated at the intersection of Tower Road and 67th avenue, the site is easy to access by road. Accessing the parking lot from the road is also easy since it is opened on a side that is free to the road. One does not have to go through the restaurant itself to access the parking lot. At the same time, the parking does not block the view from either of the main roads hence it is appropriately situated. A business in the hospitality industry requires a position that is accessible to the public as well as visible from a distance. This is a key factor that led to the determination of the most suitable location for the restaurant business.

Besides the physical accessibility of the restaurant, it was also crucial to determine the accessibility of basic utilities such as washrooms from the restaurant. Customers may need to use these social facilities while within the premises hence it is mandatory for this to be considered. The restaurant space has extensions for male and female washrooms hence thee are accessible to the customers. Additional factors that informed the decision to be situated at this particular site were the traffic flow pattern, competition and the cost effectiveness. In terms of traffic flow, the site was proven suitable due to the high traffic flow rates that characterize the two major highways that intersect around the site. It is predicted that the high traffic flow patterns will translate into greater business for the restaurant as many people get to see the restaurant. On the other hand, competition may not pose a significant challenge to the new restaurant due to the absence of other such facilities. Even though there are two neighboring spaces that may be opened, these cannot be considered to be effective competition due to the differentiation of the restaurant’s specialty. There is however the threat of new entrants into this particular market that the restaurant hopes to explore. The cost effectiveness relates to availability of the daily use materials for the restaurant. The opening will only be carried out after the initial purchase of all the likely food items. Apart from the cost of food items, the cost of preparing the space to accommodate the restaurant was also calculated. This includes the cost of interior design as well as making exterior structural changes such as the addition of a veranda to the restaurant building.

Having considered all the natural and made factors, the space was found to be suitable for the kind of business that is intended. The satisfaction of all these factors provides a reasonable rationale for the establishment of the Egyptian restaurant in the proposed site. The factors considered also favor the success of the business hence it is predicted that in case the proposal is approved, it has high potential for success.

Climatic Conditions

The climatic conditions of Denver also favor the positioning of the restaurant and are more likely to result in greater business success. The city of Denver experiences a semi- arid climate. This implies that the temperatures in the city are sufficiently high throughout the year. The humidity is low and the precipitation levels are also low. With only 8-15 inches of precipitation annually and more than 300 days of sunshine per year, Denver boasts a good environment for carrying out business all year round (US Climate Data, 2016). The low humidity also means that there is low probability for response to certain allergenic stimuli. US Climate Data reports that the winter conditions in Denver are sufficiently mild to allow for business since temperatures lie around 45 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The snow does not last for long on the ground during winter making the feeling of coldness insignificant. In summer, the locals enjoy warm sun filled days with cooler evenings. All the weather conditions associated with the city of Denver make for comfortable outdoor stays. The warm weather does not favor indoor stays. The chart below describes the climatic conditions in Denver.

Figure 2: Denver Climate Data

 Since the climatic conditions of the city do not favor staying indoors, it is expected that as more people stay outdoors, the business potential also increases. Increase rate of outdoor activity increases chances of eating out hence increase in the chances of accessing the proposed Egyptian restaurant. It can thus be said that the climatic conditions may also boost the business success chances. On the other hand, the semi arid climate also has to affect the building design principles. The consideration of climate in the construction of the foundation, laying down the right thickness of foundation and thickness of walls will help to maintain sustainability of the business. Semi-arid areas are also characterized with sandy soil, which may not support the building of high rise facilities. This implies that sufficient ground tests will have to be carried out to determine how suitable the ground is as well as the amount of materials required.

The prevalence of winds in semi-arid areas is also undeniable, making it imperative to emphasize on the ability of the structural components of buildings to withstand high pressure that results from wind and sand. This is particularly applicable in the design and construction of walls. The sand borne by the winds in the semi arid area will also affect the design of the area. While in the restaurant, the prevailing winds are more likely to come from the Tower Road side due to the absence of wind breakers such as buildings and many trees. It is thus essential for shelters to be placed in this direction to protect the potential customers from sand attacks. However, the structuring of the restaurant has to be such that there is free air circulation within in order to address the potential high temperatures that are brought about by being indoors. A special design of the shelter could be used. For instance, using a tiny mesh sized wire mesh could help to keep out the sand while also maintaining air circulation within the restaurant.

Demographic Conditions

According to a study carried out by Khan (1999), it is important for a restaurant business proposal to consider the demographic characteristics of the target market. Knowing the age, occupation, sex, income and food preferences of the population not only allows a restaurant to plan effectively with the available resources but also to determine the potential for success for the business. In the Egyptian restaurant business proposal, the demographic profile of the target market has to be clearly established prior to setting up the business. The population of Denver is 100 percent urban. This means that they are more likely to be susceptible to change. The adoption of Egyptian cuisine and subsequent attainment of market shares therefore depends on effective advertising.

As at 2014, the population of Denver was approximately 664,000. This was a rise from the 600,000 population in 2010. The percentage of males in the city in 2010 was 50.5 percent. The whites in the population were approximately 63 percent while the median age was 33. In case the demographic profile of the country continues in a similar manner, it is expected that the population will continue to rise. There is however a balance between the percentage of females and males in the community. As at 2013, the average per capita income was $ 33,000 (Infoplease, 2015). This was due to the 96 percent employment level within the city. The income level associated with the city is therefore sufficiently high. The key demographic aspects of the city indicate the possibility of obtaining a strong foundation for business success. The high population reflects growing need for food materials. In addition to this, the high population of the employed citizens indicates presence of market for ready-made food products which can be bought from restaurants. This is because most of the people are busy in their jobs and have no time to prepare homemade foods. In 2010, the population of Denver comprised of more than 471,000 people above 18 years of age. This is an indication of a large labor force which is also an indication of greater need for food products. With the more than average annual income rates, the affordability of outside catered foods is also increased. The demographic conditions of the city thus favor the operation of the restaurant business successfully.

Apart from the already outlined demographic features, the food preferences of the city are also a critical aspect in determining the potential for business success. According to a report by Sonnenberg and Salazar (2014), Colorado residents are continuing to expand agriculturally, leading to greater diversity by farmers. The demand for fresh food materials by the citizens of the State of Colorado as a whole indicates a shift towards the more natural and healthy food substances. In order to appeal to the needs of the citizens, it will be necessary for the restaurant to maintain food preparation practices that incorporate aspects such as preference for fresh food into their culture. The Egyptian cuisines that the restaurant intends to specialize in are not out of the natural products range. The only differences between the Egyptian cuisine and the native cuisine in Denver are the recipes used in the preparation and the fact that Egyptian food is spicier than the native foods. The opportunities provided by various forums to converse with the residents of Colorado on their food preferences will also enable the restaurant to learn more on this aspect and thus tune their provisions to the needs of the locals.


The research carried out on various features associated with Denver and the site locations indicate that the proposed business has great potential for success. The key location features such as being in Denver contribute to a high level of customer expectation for the restaurant. Denver is a key location in Colorado since it is the biggest city, and is located at the foot of the most prominent tourist attraction site in the State. This implies that it has great potential for attracting customers. Furthermore, the location selected for the restaurant itself is within an area where there is a high traffic flow, and in which there is ample parking. The accessibility to the parking lot as well as to other areas of the restaurant site from key roads around the areas makes the site exceptional for business growth. In addition to these general site factors, others such as low competition levels and cost considerations also influenced the decision to maintain the selected site for the restaurant business.

The climatic conditions of Denver as a whole also informed the decision to operate the restaurant business within the area. Denver is a semi-arid area, which gives it various characteristics in terms of weather conditions. The conditions are mostly warm in the area. During winter, temperatures of around 45 degrees Fahrenheit are experienced. The combination of these temperatures and the limited stay of snow make it possible for natives and visitors alike to operate outdoors. At the same time, summer comes with mostly sunny days hence promoting outdoor activities. This type of weather all year long is favorable to business growth as most people work and eat outdoors. The windy conditions associated with the semi-arid areas are however a challenge as the restaurant will have to cater for designs that cater for additional stress from wind and sand.

In the demographic profile, most of the population of Denver is above 18 years and work. This implies that there is great potential market. The growing population is also an indication of greater expectations in the future. In conclusion, the choice of proposed business site has been made based on sufficient information. Through incorporation of structural designs that favor the semi arid areas and reference to the food preferences in the community, it will be possible for the business to succeed fully.







Khan, M. A. (1999). Restaurant franchising (2nd Ed.). New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Infoplease (2015). Denver- Colorado. 

US Climate Data (2016)

Sonnenberg, J. and Salazar, J. (2014, February 21). ‘From Farm to Table: What do Colorado Consumers Really Want?’ The Denver Post.



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Sample Research Paper on Egyptian Restaurant in Denver

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Sample Research Paper on Egyptian Restaurant in Denver

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