Sample Essay Paper on Ishmael

The passion to understand humanity triggered Ishmael to learn how to read and analyze problems that faced humankind. For example, when Ishmael was taken home by Walter Sokolow, he was interested in finding out why human beings believed in captivity.  Most of the life of Ishmael was spend behind bars and was used by human beings to entertain other people without caring about his needs. Walter Sokolow gave Ishmael freedom and taught him to communicate using telepathy thus enabling Ishmael to learn the other side of humanity. It is clear that the main concern of Ishmael was to understand the way humans reasoned and learned that some people disrespect other species for the reason that they have the power to control them. For instance, humans captured Ishmael and used him for personal benefit by the fact that he was a gorilla. Ishmael, The people who captured it Ishmael did not care even if he died because he had no free will at that point. The mind of human beings is independent of the beholder and for every action carried out by one person, the individual takes responsibility for the consequence of his/her actions.

Ishmael was also concerned with teaching society how to protect the environment because humans, plants, and other species form part of the environment as is explored by Quinn with the help of Ishmael. The search for a person who could help protect the world was a crucial step by Ishamael in realizing the existence of some people who shared his notion and view of the environment. A reader is able to understand the fact that when efforts are combined by two people, then they can conquer the world in a significant manner. So as to communicate the things he had learned with the rest of the world, Ishmael needed being to help him. A reader needs to understand that the author’s main aim was to help society realize that a few people in this world understand the importance of protecting the environment through the story is fictional. Some actions and behaviors contribute to things like global warming that affect the world in varied forms though the majority of human beings take advantage of not knowing these.

Ishmael was of great help to the audience because he helped them to understand the concept of takes by analyzing Adam and Eve’s story. It is clear in today’s society that takes have the tendency of wanting everything for themselves just like it happened with Adam and Eve. The forbidden fruit was eaten by Eve and Adamyet God had told them not to take it and thus takes does not heed the advice given to them as it is evident from the story of Adam and Eve. This is because takers always believe that they can get what they want and get away with it without caring about others. Ishmael was clear that consequences are always there to a person’s actions particularly takers irrespective of how they partake in their duties. It shows that sin could not have existed if Adam and Eve had not disobeyed what they were told. Takers always leave other people miserable in life because they act as if they know everything and thus cannot heed any advice. Takers can be likened to those individuals who carried out the Holocaust that led to the death of many Jews according to Quinn. Takers will always exist but showing them that every person has free will in this world, and nobody should take that away is the only way to keep them away.

In a similar way, Ishmael talked about Leavers and described them as persons who had the passion for saving the world just like him. Humans have become captives of civilization and this has made society to be the way it is. Leavers are conscious about everything they are the few who do not allow the civilization to make them carry out wrong decisions in life. Ishmael wanted to help the society become Leavers rather than takers and thus he took it upon himself to look for a taker who was willing to help him in doing so.

From the book, I learned the aspect of humans being captives to civilization and many other issues that are present in today’s society. Many people fail to understand that they are prisoners in varied ways without having to be literary in a cage. Civilization is the cage itself because it makes people do things that they come to regret in the future. For example, Takers are known for destruction and causing more harm than good in society in the name of civilization. It is evident that civilization has technologies that have made people too distant and have harmed families through being attached to technology and forgetting that family exists. For example, Individuals show less interest in a family but spend more time making money when they become obsessed with making money through using the computer. Leavers try to help society understand the significance of being united and fight for the right of all individuals in the world to ensure that it remains a good and conducive place. However, it is difficult for the voice of the Leavers to be heard as desired when Takers have more power than the Leavers.