Sample Essay on Minnesota and Midwest Identity Project Focus Group

A Minnesotan is an individual whose identity is defined by strong identification with place, be it urban or rural, while a Mid-Westerner is that individual that is less assertive about his/her regional identity than other Americans. I am from Saudi Arabia, and I have been in Minnesota for four years. Unlike the country of Saudi Arabia, the state of Minnesota is very rich in cultural and ethnic diversity. Minnesotans are distinctively accommodative and like sharing their cultural aspects with people from other states and regions of the world. I enjoy living in Minnesota because of its welcoming people and my love for their various cultural aspects, such as foods, sports, and even the close social relationships amongst Minnesotans. My intercultural competencies have significantly improved since I moved to Minnesota, and I often attempt to share my culture the locals to also enable them understand my socio-cultural background and identity. I can proudly declare that I consider Minnesota to be my second home because of my love for its culture and its accommodative population which makes me feel as comfortable as I was in Saudi Arabia.

Response to Abdullahi Sharif’s Post

Since moving to Minnesota from Egypt eight years ago, Abdullahi Sharif has continued to maintain his culture. This implies that Sharif values his cultural identity and is committed to maintaining it even for years to come. This is important because maintaining and sharing such a culture with other Minnesotans would considerably improve their intercultural awareness and competencies, while also preserving cultural diversity. Sharif appears to be more adaptive to new socio-cultural environments.

Response to Kenneth Nordstrom’s Post

Kenneth Nordstrom’s post indicates that he has a strong identification with the Minnesotan identity. This ranges from physical identity, cultural foods, and even social interactions. Nordstrom identity is that of a welcoming person who values interacting with people from diverse cultures, and also sharing his culture with them. What he values most is taking part in outdoor events, which he considers an important aspect of Minnesotans’ life. Such outdoor cultural events or activities Nordstrom cherishes include fishing and hunting, among others. According to Nordstrom’s description of Minnesota’ culture, it appears that the Minnesotan people are highly accommodative, and value establishing close interpersonal connections with people from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds.