Sample Essay on Geo-Politics

The Christian Zionists in America, the Soviet Union Jewish Movement, the 1980s Afghanistan Islamic Jihad, and the Israeli Liaison Bureau Natives have been bound with a common goal. This is to overpower the Soviet Union (S.U.), which has not been in favor of the mass departure of the Soviet Jews to Palestine. These groups have been concerned with the issue of terrorism, which is the basis of international insecurity. Since the Soviet had declined collaborating with America because of its ties with Israeli, it was deemed an enemy (Parker, 39). Moreover, the Soviet has advocated for wars, which have bordered terrorism. The groups have therefore strengthened each other for a common goal. The policies signed by the state groups in addition strengthen the existing bond. Among the policies, include the fight against terrorism. This bond has also been strengthened by the common desire to conquer insecurity, which was foreseen around the Soviet (Parker, 38). Since there are special riches in each territory, the groups, the states had to unite to overcome their main enemy. For instance, to reach the Arabian nations, America relied on the closeness it was with Egypt. They could therefore fly in its territory to other nations within a short period. The closeness between UAE and America in addition enabled the two groups to share the available resource, oil in UAE.

There are common goals and means between the Islamic Jihad in Afghanistan in the 1980s and the present war in Syria. Jihad remains a danger group to America. This is because of the posed threat of their interests in the Middle East resources such as oil. Both wars have been focused at down trotting the existing affiliation between America and the UAE. Their main goal is to isolate America and entirely overthrow it as the main power globally. The wars have used different Islamic groups to meet their goals. Different strategies and tactics have been used as well. For instance, the Islamic Jihad has forged union with different groups in different states. This is after the September 2011 attack on America (Byman, Para 17)

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