Sample Coursework Paper on Why Sky is Blue and Sunset Orange and Red

Question 1

The sky is blue because air contains molecules that scatter blue light more from the sun as compared to how they scatter red light. The white colorfrom the sun entails all colors of the rainbow.Newton Isaac showed this by using a prism to separate varied colors. It is the varied wavelengths that differentiate the colors of light (Hess and Tom 28). The part of the spectrum that was visible ranged from red light to violet with a wavelength of approximately 720nm and 380nm respectively, with yellow, green, indigo, and blue in between. The three varied categories of color receptors in the retina of one’s eye responds strongly to the blue, green, and red wavelengths, making usto have our color vision.Sunsets are orange and green because when the sun passes through the atmosphere, our eyes are usually highly concentrated with orange and red frequencies.

Question 2

Evaporation is considered a cooling process because when a liquid changes to gas, heat from the object is absorbed and it takes the heat with it when in gas form (Hess and Tom 36).

Question 3

The two dominant mechanisms of energy transfer around the globe are atmospheric and oceanic circulation.

Question 4

Temperature inversion refers to a condition when warm air is on top of cooler air. This is because the profile of the temperatures of the atmosphere is changed from its normal state. There are two classes of temperature inversions and they include surface inversions that take place near the surface of the earth, and aloft inversions that take place above the ground Surface inversions are highly significant in the study of the quality of air.


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