Sample Assignment Paper on Analogy

An analogy is a comparison that is done between two things. The aim of analogy is to explain and thereby clarify the difference and similarity between the two things. The following are analogies from the North American realm. These are similar features and aspects, but analogy proves that they are different (Shelley).

Physiographic region – Continentality

A physiographic region is an area within which there is a similarity regarding the natural landscape. The homogeneity expressed is in terms of the relief of the surface, soils, vegetation, and the climate of the area. Continentality, on the contrary, is characterized by various effects of air temperatures that are experienced in the inner landmasses of the world.

Central Business District (CBD)- Gentrification

CBD is the core of a city that is marked by a high concentration of business and commerce, high land values and tall buildings. Gentrification differs in a way that it involves the private investment procedure of upgrading an older residential area, in the downtown of a central city.

American Manufacturing Belt- Sunbelt

AMB refers to the near rectangular core regions of North America.  It covers Baltimore, Boston, St. Louis, and Milwaukee. The southern tier of the United States is referred to as the Sunbelt. It is anchored by Texas, California, and Florida

Tar sands – Fossil fuel

Tar sands are the primary sources of oil that are extracted from non-liquid reserves of petroleum. Fossil fuel, on the other hand, is the energy that is sourced from natural gas, petroleum (oil) and coal”Chapter 1 The North American Realm Flashcards). The energy is a result of geologic compression and the transformation of microscopic animal and plant organisms

The above analogies provide a difference between features and aspects that may look similar but are different.

Other analogies include:

Miami: Florida- Detroit: Michigan

Latitude: East-West- longitude: North South

Ohio R: Mississippi R. Platte R.: Missouri R

Florida Keys: Florida – Aleutians: Alaska

Mates and bounds- long-lot

Township: 36 square miles – section: 1 square mile                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ;




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