Sample Article Review paper on Geography

This paper will look review the headline statements of the IPCC 2014 report. There has been an increase in human beings population which has in turn resulted in an increase in the number of people that have moved to urban areas so that they can search for employment. As a result, there has also been an increase in the number of individuals that use energy sources that lead to the production of greenhouse gases. The increased amount of green house gases in turn lead to an increase in the level of global warming. Methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide are some of the greenhouse gases whose level is very high in the atmosphere. Global warming has been cited as one of the major reasons behind climatic changes that have taken place all over the world. The populations of different plants and animals in different parts of the world have changed as a result of global warming. It is expected that some animals might become extinct as a result of drastic climatic changes in the world. Extreme changes in temperatures were some of the major consequences that were highlighted at through the headline statements.

The headline reports also looked at the possible impacts of the current industrial and domestic activities that man engages in, on a day to day basis. It is expected that further global warming will lead to increased rainfall and other forms of precipitation, while some regions in the world will experience extreme drought. This imbalance and unexpected climatic changes will interfere with social and economic activities of different countries in the world. In agreement with the review, it is unfortunate that the effects of global warming that are currently being experienced will continue to take place. There will be new risks for both plants and animals; especially the human race. The heat waves that have already occurred as a result of global warming has resulted in a lot of harm to both plants and animals; and cause social and economical destruction that man has had to contend with as he rebuilds the environment. In the near future, heat waves experienced will be longer and therefore the effects more severe. Unfortunately, it is the individuals in developing nations where governments are less organized and less prepared that will feel the effects of global warming more.

The review has also provided possible solutions that can be explored by both individuals and governments. If societies evaluate the risks associated with the activities that they engage in, they can be able to sit down and come up with ways through which the risks can be mitigated and the effects of global warming better managed and negative effects reduced. All industrial sectors and business have options available to them on how they can adopt better practices that would mitigate the effects of global warming, and act to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere to minimal levels in current day, and in future. Different organizations should be committed into teaching their members on how to mitigate the effects of global warming, and how to reduce the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in the near future. The review suggests collaboration between different organizations with the same goal of mitigating the effects of global warming on climate change, which would have a synergetic effect.