Sample Case Study Paper on Personal Career Action Plan

I am currently considering being a chartered accountant once I graduate. My role would be aimed at providing professional advice aimed at profit maximization on behalf of clients. Moreover, I will be able to undertake a firm’s financial audits and continually manage financial systems and budgets. There are various steps that should be undertaken in order to help me achieve this career goal. To begin with, being a member of the chartered accountants association by August 1st 2015 will equip me the necessary knowledge to be an effective chartered accountant. Relating with professionals in this field will further give the necessary information needed to overcome accounting challenges.

Secondly, being active during accounting lecture sessions in the next semesters would constitute another step. This would mean that actively engage my lecturer during specific set period for lectures. As such, I would be able to ask brain storming questions during such lessons. This would expand my knowledge in this career and give the best companies to start looking for chartered accounting jobs. Thirdly, doing my own research on the internet during the weekends this semester is also a necessary step. The research will give a proper exploration in this field like understanding the best methods of doing an internal audit for a large or small firm.

Fourthly, visiting a least one chartered accounting firm during the first week of the holiday break would give the experience required in this field. During such visits, I will learn a lot as I would be able to deal with real issues of accounting. Finally, putting extra effort in my class grades in the last semester for this course would ensure that I qualify academically. As such, I will use resources like the library; engage students and teachers in order to excel in my grades. With high performance, I will have an added advantage when looking for the chartered accounting job.