Sample Admission Essay on Why I want to Attend University of Wisconsin

My intense dedication and spirit of success has always influenced the way I have approached life and selected places, people, and commodities for use. It is with this regard that I plan to have a college life that does not go contrary to what I have always believed in. My interest in the University of Wisconsin developed during the sporting event last year, when, despite the defeat by Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, the students were in high spirits, consoling each other and depicting high morals. I am confident that through the business school, which offers the university’s finance courses I will be able to get a degree in finance, majoring in the Entrepreneurship option. This will be a perfect fit for me since there are workshops in entrepreneurship that will ensure that I emerge a successful graduate.

The fact that University of Wisconsin has many students, I would like to be part of the diversity presented in the university since different students will bring different cultures. It will be a golden opportunity for me to learn some of the cultures and try to compare with our own. Apart from diversity, the contextual urban setting of the university will enable me to build the ideal professional circles for easy internship opportunities and employment opportunities after my studies. Through interactions, this opportunity will also enable me to share my previous experiences with my peers who will be my college mates in this scenario.

My initial involvement in various sporting activities will enable be to contribute to the institutions co-curricular activities in different disciplines more specifically Lacrosse Club where I am an experienced player since I have involved for ten years now. Other disciplines that I engaged in while in high school included football when I was still a freshman. My passion for business grew a while ago as in high school I was part of a business leadership team from sophomore although to senior classes. I also took part in the programme; Student’s Against Destructive Decisions (SAAD) in my entirety as a high school student.

After admission, I will join the Hillel and Chabad Jewish Student Association since I am of Jewish descent and as required of my religion, I will prefer upholding my Judaism while t college. I will also get involved in volunteerism by joining the Business Badgers and beyond so as to improve my values for teamwork and work ethics in the course of my future involvements. I have been widely engaged in volunteering while in high school where we were able to raise finances for my fellow student who was suffering with cancer and also at Brightview assisted home and even organized a beach-up crew.

I am certain that this great opportunity will be of great importance not only to my educational success but also the general growth of my life. University of Wisconsin will be a centre point of my future endeavors in terms of success and relation with other individuals that I will get into contact with. I promise to utilize the opportunity so as to emerge prestigious alumni who will always have the university at the back of my heart and ensure that the knowledge and skills I acquire will further replicate. I’ll also look forward in imparting more energy in supporting the sports teams of the university so as we be lucky and win in various competitions that we will be involved.