Sample Paper on Children of Men, 2006

The paper analyzes the film Children of Men, 2006, directed by Alfonso Cuaron. It is a science fiction describing the cases of human infertility and of illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom. It also shows how the government has imposed very oppressive immigration laws against the refugees. The film is very specific in explaining the danger of humanity in the next 20 years due the potential rates of human infertility. The concept of human infertility is often elaborated by male infertility. The film moves to shift the blame of infertility from male to female, but introduces other causes of human infertility including environmental destruction and divine punishment (James 129). The evolution of human spirit and knowledge remains mythical due to the lack of strong arguments on the human project. As a result, the paper will discuss the various instances in the film while providing personal reflections.

            Based on the understanding of the film, I strongly recognize the worldwide anguish over the death of baby Diego. At eighteen years, Baby Diego was the youngest person worldwide. His death was tragic because it is expected that all young people should grow into adulthood. Thus, the world was distraught over his demise. In such a world, it would be difficult to change the attitudes towards young people. Baby Diego was stabbed after spitting in the face of an adult. This highlights the absence of good morals among the young children. The world will continue to have a negative attitude towards the young children in the society.

The government is dealing with refugees in an oppressive way due to the negative impacts brought about by the refugees. Some of the refugees are terrorists who would increase the levels of lawlessness in the country. In addition, other refugees are not legitimate and only seek to gain new lives. As a result, the government is forced to deal with the refugees in a cruel manner. The government has been forced to act in brutal fashion after allowing increased numbers of refugees in the country. The lack of security and good economies in the neighboring countries also leads to the situation of illegal immigration. The lack of government policies limiting illegal immigration would also place the country in great danger.

In Children of Men, the issue of illegal immigration was not examined fully compared to other events. The movie focused more on other events including human infertility and faith than illegal immigration. The theme of illegal immigration is a wide subject that requires inclusive coverage. Thus, the movie did not put more weight on the notable cases of illegal immigrants in the country. In the aftermath of a catastrophic event, nations have a responsibility to set up new shelters and provide food for the nationless people. This aligns with the provisions for international human rights. The nations must be compelled to provide food and shelter until the latter gains stability and development. The film is clear in referring to our current situation through its examples and illustrations. The images and references made to Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib play a significant role in the film’s designs (James 129). It shows the current adverse situation facing the refugees in various locations. The specific images and references create a clear picture and representation of the suffering of the refugees. In summary, the film Children of Men, 2006 provides strong reflections of the future occurrences from our current events.

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