Sample Movie Review Paper on Stagedoor

Stagedoor is a documentary directed by Alexandra Shiva, concerning Stage door summer camp where different teenagers participate in productions. The film focuses on five teenagers, although it mostly concentrates on general camp culture. One thing that happened in documentaries is the production of musicals. Here the actors play, sing and dance at various intervals in the musical to make it interesting and communicative. An average of those musicals produced were eleven within the camping sessions. The actors are seen to be rehearsing their lines which will be presented at the end of the three-week sessions.

The documentary also shows that the actors produce three dramas.  In such performances, actors engage in serious productions in comparison with what happens in comedies. They are also seen to be engaged in prose dialogue that involves emotions, disagreements as well as conflicts of interest. It is worth noting that some drama productions are done alongside other production houses such as Music Theatre International and the American Theatre Wing.

Certain features and behaviors are displayed in the film by campers. Some are seen to have insecurities and bruised egos whereas others are managing to cope with unsupportive parents. Most of the males are perceived to be gay which is portrayed by their intense desire to be different from what they really are. It is also notable that some especially Taylor Rabow is suffering from attention deficit disorder and only manages to concentrate while on stage.

Moreover, in the documentary, there are a drama fest and cabaret performances. Here, the actors are engaged in act play competitions such as Our Time Cabaret and Player Ensemble. The festivals are intended to inspire the parties involved, as well as educate the entire society with abilities that convey global verities by the use of particular details and intense enthusiasm.