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Angelina Jolie’s performance in the movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, was spectacular. The movie interweaves comedy into a seemingly dark story background. Angelina fits such a role because she has the demeanor of a professional and fun-loving lady which makes her appropriate for the role. This is justified by the manner in which she seamlessly and spectacularly slots into these two seemingly contrasting roles. She naturally fits into the elegance of an executive manager and a contract killer: her movements, gestures, physical appearance and facial expression befits her two conflicting characters. She lures her victims by pretending to be hooker. Her stunning beauty and charm conceal her true intentions.


She lures her victims by pretending to be a call girl

Angelina Jolie breathtakingly shows emotional polarity in this movie. On the surface, she is an executive manager for her company and dutiful wife. She perfectly portrays this character and even the trained mind of her contract killer husband is not alerted. However, out in the field she is the quintessential killer. Such emotional control helps her hoodwink her victims. Jane Smith, the character she portrays, is detached from basic social and parenting skills. She is professional woman who has not had the chance to settle down and have a family. This inherent thoughtfulness is shown by the almost genuine discomfort she expressed around her neighbors, the subject of child bearing and carrying a baby at her neighbor’s house.

The character Angelina Jolie plays calls for her to hold it together to keep her identity safe. To achieve this character coherence, she adopts a steely demeanor when on duty. She shows no sympathy for her victims and shifts between different emotions to achieve this effect. To further build her character, Jolie shows remarkable athleticism that fits her contract killer role. As a wife, she adds cooking skills. All these are spiced up with comedy.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith weaves two parallel worlds into one. The ability of the actors to seamlessly weave these two contradicting lives is a symbol of ingenuity. It is riddled with contradictions that any wrong move by either Jane or John Smith will leave them exposed since both are contract killers with secretive lives. Jolie creates an illusion in the character she portrays. Her spectacular performance at the hotel scene in Bogota, Colombia epitomizes this wholeness and unity. Under threat of being captured after a mission, she seamlessly slips into role of John’s girlfriend to avoid capture. She continues with the illusion throughout the movie and her marriage.


In Bogota, Colombia, under the hot pursuit by the police after a killing mission, she escaped the police by pretending to be John Smith’s girlfriend.