Sample Essay on Costumes are the Character

The significance of the costumes used in the film is of great important for not only is it an outward as well as immediately visible media of expression by the actor but also it is essential for the dramatic values. That is, costumes are supposed to accentuate the actions in the film. Hence, the colors, shapes, and texture of the costume can make a feeling of the character, which in the real sense the actor would not be capable of portraying. Therefore, this paper seeks to analyze how the leading character in the World War Z film has used costumes.

If there is, one notable thing about this movie is the excellent as well as presentable usage of costumes. The clothes that the main character wears expressively depict each event that takes place in the film. The movie designer does everything in this movie to make the main character have the right clothes that truly represent a given scenario in the film. Distressing, aging, breaking down, fundamentally attain similar result and makes clothes appear more convincingly in the film. The clothes in the film are on many occasions given out by several tested and tried methods.  Significantly, these costumes look as if someone before has used them yet they do not fall apart when the leading character puts them on. It appears like a block of cheese that has gone very moldy and looks very unpleasing but on can just still consume it. Therefore, the costume designer had to come explicitly up with unique ideas as well as ways that the costume for the leading character matches a particular occasion that is depicted in the film.

Rubeo Mayes, successfully attain this where the costumes used in the film is accurately designed and that the main character has been able to express some attributes that may not take place in the normal circumstances. The leading character is depicted in a zombie like a person and may appear like the faceless drone that scrambles around in the rags, and this has been clearly achieved by the kinds of clothes that one wears. Make wall off Israel, secured, though one of the very first places to be infected, we observe the main character putting on barely held scraped clothes. Furthermore, we see some dirt as well as the tear that are present in clothing which is likely caused by flinging through the glass.

Again, it is evident that the leading characters check shirt under his coat, which under the costume term depicts the massive society leveler. The main character, just like others in the film puts on the checked shirts to pass the message of everyman quality. Practically, everybody sees such a shirt and everybody here could be even you or me.

The casting of the World War Z affects the outcome of the design. First, dressing the survivors especially those of the World War Z inferred same costume aspect, whichRubeo uses to pass a special message about the action in the movie, though with extra changes and little distressing. Gerry, the leading character puts on dark blue cloth, and it is a shrewd selection for the movie, not as such divisive as yellow or even red, not as concealing as the green color mostly against the soldierly uniforms.

On the other hand, it would not be decent if much credit not given to the costume designer. Primarily, Rubeo Mayes, the costume designer has done much work to depict adequately about how the character has been matched with the particular events in the film. He does this by giving the character the essential clothes where for instance, Gerry puts on improvised protective elements all over the body like wrapped magazines around the legs and arms. Therefore, the costume designer plays a huge role to attain this in the film.

The visual elements, the performance, as well as the production as the whole has a huge impacts one me. The film employs the efficient use of visual elements in costume to depict a character. This is essential and can be used to pass certain information or even gives additional attributes to help develop the film in the line of production to attain the movie objectives. Furthermore, the performance, as well as the production at large, has been done in a professional way that encompasses the essential aspects of the visual elements that largely contributes to the development of the film. For instance, Gerry begins in the dark blue Zipper characterized by the blue y-neck costume, before adding the utility shemaghscurf and vest for the trip destined to South Korea. Furthermore, the y-necked sweater is swapped for the blue shirt with a patch pocket that adds to the militaristic air. Lastly, he puts on an inky blue cardigan as well as silver blue coat. Therefore, the production shows how costumes have been employed to attain the story line of the movie. Effective production and performance has been used in the film.