Sample Creative Writing Paper on Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum

The creative curriculum development continuum assessment tool touches on the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language development of children. Its methods of testing the progress of the child are very malleable, and this ensures that it is easy to tailor it to satisfy the needs of each specific child in the learning setting(Casey, Patricia 3). Some of the advantages of using a creative curriculum development continuum include:

  • It helps in developing the preschool child in multiple areas such as cognitive, physical, and emotional among others
  • The tests are designed such that they reflect the stage that the preschool child has reached and the goals and objectives they are expected to achieve(Casey, Patricia 16).
  • It is a learning approach that is teacher-directed and initiated by the child at the same time. It is not oriented on one side rather, both parties are expected to actively participate in the learning process
  • It is based on solid developmental theory and evidence based research and has had its effectiveness validated by numerous studies
  • This learning and teaching process is very flexible and allows the instructor to set a pace for each preschool children

This method of learning for preschool children, however, has some drawbacks

  • This method of learning cannot be assigned a strict timeline, as each of the learners has his/her own pace that the instructor is not expected to interfere with(Teaching Strategies 7).
  • The materials and time required to implement this can be costly to the instructors and the system

The merits of using this system of learning for preschool children by far surpass the demerits faced when applying it. The fact that it is based on solid theories and has been proven effective via experience is enough to validate its use on a national scale. Most of the materials needed to make the children learn are available locally. This is why this approach to learning assessment is recommended for preschool learners.


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