Sample Paper on Professional Ethics

A nursing home administrator is charged by law with the duty of ensuring that the professionals who work at his or her nursing home provide a level of care consistent with the spirit of the government regulations. If those professionals fail to provide the required care, the nursing home administrator is authorized (and indeed legally required) to discipline those professionals, regulate their practice, or terminate them from the nursing home administrator’s facility.

The nursing home administrator of a certified facility is deemed competent, under federal law, to evaluate whether professionals are rendering an appropriate level of care in the nursing home. “The nursing home administrator is required by law to establish and implement policies and to supervise and evaluate the provision of care, both generally and with respect to each resident” (Martin, 2011).

Conversely, district attorneys have a unique ethical obligation among lawyers. A district attorney serves all the employees in the Office of District Attorney.   Attorneys have appropriate education and training and are aware of the ideals and duties of their office, of constitutional and statutory protection of the rights of the suspects and the victims, and of human rights and fundamental freedom recognized by national and international law. Fiduciary, the district attorney is both an advocate and the assistant minister of justice.

Martin (2011) notes, “The district attorneys owe primary allegiance to the system rather than to the individual.” An attorney for an individual or a corporation is required to present the interests of the client. “The association between attorney and client necessitates generation of openness and honesty in conveying any relevant information” (Martin, 2011). When an attorney makes an insincere statement, the issue is not whether the administration of justice has been hampered.


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