Sample Paper on Academic Integrity


With too much pressure in the forthcoming examinations, I looked into every option to ensure that I was quite prepared. Otherwise, I would find myself failing in those exams. Revising the old quizzes was the best alternative since I imagined that the professor would reward his students with the questions that we had covered in the class quizzes. Out of this unpreparedness in the examination, I crammed some of the questions including the best solutions to the same problems. Unfortunately, it turned out for the worst during the examination. I was copying numbers from old quizzes, and I thought that was not a cheating. I felt ashamed of myself, my professor, my parents and my fellow students after the professor recognized that I took some old answers in the current quiz.

The incidence uncovered the lack of academic integrity that is a requirement for the students. Furthermore, the incident damaged personal image for a student at Wrights State University since the university is committed to providing excellent programs that develop its learners into international leaders and very successful people. Moreover, the writing, research, and tutorial services at Wright State University are exceptional, hence enhancing high academic quality. Therefore, no one would ever think a student from this institution would be involved in such cases.

Since that incidence, I have developed good decision-making skills such as the ability to think ‘outside the box’’ exhibiting good judgment as well as making tough decisions. I am on the front line in campaigning for building ethical community whereby students not only receive formal ethics training but also actively discuss ethical issues and develop moral reasoning capacity through discussing of imaginary and real ethical cases. I imagine that when the school implements a hidden curriculum, it may involve students in the discussions about the ethical issues that arise in the day to day operations of an education institution.

In reality, the inability to put up with the norms combined with a doubtful view of human behavior and pressure to succeed in college influences students to behave unethically in their lives. Although some students may be willing to compromise ethics and apply unacceptable methods to receive good grades than they deserve, copying numbers from old quizzes has never come into my mind since that incidence. I made self-assurance that I would always approach my teacher to guide me in areas that are challenging; utilize friends who are keen on such areas, as well as make use of the library materials to have plenty information on the subjects. Another way of doing it is appreciating time management skills; utilizing my time properly in the studies rather than engaging in time wasting activities. In fact, my parents challenged me by saying that students who succeed in their studies are not any special from me. I promised not to shame myself or my parents in participating in academic dishonesty. Being dishonest in academics may seriously jeopardize one’s future success. There is no doubt that when students fail to respect the climate of academic integrity while in college or university, they will not respect integrity in their future and personal relationships.

I realize that many students, however, are careful to understand that ethical behaviors while in Wright States University will serve them well as they develop their professional skills. When preparing for a career after college or University, students will have developed the responsibility to learn academic content and make good decisions on the road to future success.