Sample Essay on Stature of Liberty

The stature of liberty is a symbol of freedom to many people across the world. It is located on Liberty Island in the New York City in the United States. The stature is an imposing figure considering its long height from the base of the pedestal foundation to the tip of the touch and also its seemingly heavy weight.

In my own opinion, the fact that the stature is a female figure representing a Roman goddess could represent and indicate how in many times it is women who usually face oppression, violence, and discrimination. It gives hope and confidence to women that they should not be timid but that they should be bold and full of courage. It reminds women that they can stand for themselves. That woman can take their rightful place in the society and command attention and respect from their male counterparts.

The stature is hence an icon of freedom not only to the women but also to the immigrants from other countries. This was very relevant at the time when it was being designed as many immigrants were coming to the United States and the country was recovering from the civil war. In her left arm, she carries a tablet that is inscribed “July 4, 1776”. The date refers to the day of the American Declaration of Independence. At her feet, there are broken chains which do represent America breaking the chains of tyranny and choosing democracy as a form of government. Due to this, the United States can be ranked among the top democratic countries in the world even though it is not really a direct democracy.

However, in the recent state of affairs and wave of politics in the United States, it seems that the so-called natives of the US are not regarding and respecting the significance of the stature of liberty. It is interesting to note that the current president Donald Trump‘s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again” in the last year’s national election. This statement leaves a lot to be desired considering the fact that it directly attacks the immigrants.  Since coming to power, President Trump has already signed an executive order prohibiting immigration from seven Muslim countries namely; Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen. This also includes persons who are living in the US permanently (green card holders) who are traveling overseas to visit their family members or for work purposes.  The order has also suspended all refugee admission and bars all Syrian refugees indefinitely. This has resulted in massive protests in various airports across the country because people with valid documentation have been detained.

Donald Trump presidency has led to many immigrants, in particular, the blacks and Latinos who are quite significant in the US to feel like outcasts and unwelcome. This has resulted to a lot of panic and insecurity. This is hence is a very big contrast to what the stature of Liberty symbolizes.  In addition, the stature is in itself an immigrant. In the sense that it was a gift to the US from France.  As I conclude, I would like to highlight that the stature is an instrumental and important part of the history of the United States. Its significance and importance should hence be respected and upheld.