Sample Essay on Something New

Something New is an American romantic film directed by Sanaa Hamri and it centers on interracial interaction and traditional African American family values and social way of life.

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    Is it wrong for Kenya to react the way she does when she first meets Brian during their blind date? Why or why not?

Kenya was a pretty African American woman and she had high anticipation of getting married such that she would build castles in the air feeling that she was being owned by someone. During this particular day, she dreamt of her getting married, the feeling was overwhelming such that the reality came to her how lonely she was during her morning run. It was during the lunchtime talk that Kenya gets to hear about Brian from her colleague and being a single person, Kenya stated she had no interest despite of his achievement. It was during the valentine evening hung out at a bar that they met up with her other three friends all waiting for the perfect black man. Kenya was looking forward to a man who had no dogs, had a college education and no outdoors.

It is at Starbucks that Kenya meets Brian. Brian is a white man and this puts Kenya off at the first sight. She walks away from him as a show that she was not into white people. The first impression marked lots of uncivilized behavior where she was looking forward to making Brian leave her alone which on the other hand makes Brian be more and more interactive with her which was not her expectation.

  1. Let go, let flow is an important line from the movie. In what ways do you see Kenya following this quote throughout the film? What is the significance of this quote?

From the very beginning Kenya was asked by her friends to let go, let flow as a way of enticing her to change her mind about the men she would date. Let go, let flow requires one to get out of the way and engage in the unexpected. She finally came to hire Brian as her landscaper and she no sooner fell into the charms of Brian a situation she even forgot about her likes and dislikes. The significance of the quote is that love prevails beyond the terms and conditions that are set by human beings.

  1. How does Brian’s dog Max function in the story?

Max plays a very significant role in showing or portraying the strictness of Kenya over her hate for men with dogs. In the end, the hate that was turned towards dogs by Kenya latter changed to be a positive attitude. Instead of getting to interact with the dog and Brian she preferred talking to Brian alone which brought them closer.

  1. How do Kenya’s friends affect her choices?

Kenya’s friends have a great impact on the kind of choices that Kenya makes. Through her friends we get to learn Kenya better. The same way her friends know her better and in most of the cases, they incite her decisions since they know her likes and dislikes. More so, they participate in making her not follow strictly her desires as they introduce her to the ‘let go, let flow’ slogan.

  1. Comment on the significance of Kenya’s hair

To show that whites emulates the natural hair while the African American have no much significance on the hair. That is the reason Brian asks Kenya to remove her hair.

  1. Is there a “white tax” on Brian?

As there was a ‘black tax’ Brian had to encounter a ‘white tax’ in the process of dating a black woman. He had to go through thick and thin to get Kenya who was also strict into not dating white men. For him to succeed he had to encounter the ‘white tax’ imposed on him.