Sample Essay on Good and Bad Stress

List three of the types of thinking included in the video that can increase stress.
  • Mind reading
  • Negative filter
  • Fortune telling
Define mindfulness as explained in the video. Can you apply mindfulness to your daily life?

            The video defines mindfulness as a useful technique for solving issues related to stress. One of the elements of the techniques is increasing self-awareness. The other element is incorporating physical components such as muscle relaxation, breathing, and meditation. Mindfulness also involves letting go of distractions and changing thoughts and focusing attention on a specific place. In my daily life, I can apply mindfulness to reduce stress.

Define locus of control as defined by the video.

Locus of control refers to the ways of controlling life when faced with stress or uncertainties. The control involves applying changes to your life. The locus of control also involves believing in what you can control when faced with uncertainties. For instance, the change and control of attitudes can apply in this case.

Do you think writing a stress letter would be helpful to you?

Yes, I think a stress letter would be helpful to me. The letter will remind me about the previous causes of stress and how to avoid a repeat of the same. The letter will also have various ways of solving current stress related to the past ones.

What is the 90/10 rule?

The 90/10 rule explains the activities in our lives. The rule states that 90 percent of our life is attributed by how we spend our lives. The remaining 10 percent is determined by what happens around our lives.

What are some of the Other Strategies offered by Dr. Mike Evans that you can apply in your life?

I can apply the strategies of practical techniques to solve stress issues. They include gathering problem-solving skills, relaxation and common thinking traps. Other strategies include improving my social life, changing my thoughts and attitudes and improving my thinking.

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