Sample Essay on Expectations of a teacher from his/her student

It is the hope of every teacher to produce a decent person out of their student. They expect out of their student to create a professional who will be of good reputation in the society. This is justified by the principles that guide the teaching profession which is to produce prominent personalities people from among their students. It reflects their competence as teachers and the role of schools and education in general.

Good teachers know that no decency can be achieved without discipline. Therefore, they guide students on how to abide by the school rules and regulations. They create a close connection with the parents to make sure they follow up on the students’ progress in their school work. Decent people are friendly people; therefore, teachers provide an environment where students have a chance to meet with others from within the school, or they organize academic activities where students meet with others from other schools. Good teachers shape the social life of their students since social life is crucial for any decent person. Therefore, they teach them how to interact with members of the opposite sex. They make arrangements where students from both genders interact in school, share ideas and respect each other.

A good teacher trains his/her student on how to cope with challenges in life both success and failure. Students are faced with various challenges while in school, and a good teacher explains to his/her students that challenges in life are inevitable. A good teacher will take a student through counseling, reassure the student and solve the problem from a sober mind. This goes a long way in the future life of the student since they are equipped with skills to cope with challenges be it job loss or grief. Good teachers train their students on honesty in their school work, and students are taught on how to be honest in their class work. This goes a long way in that it shapes their behavior and they become honest people in their future. An honest and decent person is ethical and therefore cannot indulge in social vices like corruption good teachers make sure they teach their students how to avoid dishonesty. Good teachers are role models, and they ensure that they emulate an excellent character while in the presence of their students. Good teachers don’t mix their private life with their professional life otherwise students will be confused and not follow what they teach them.

Good teachers make sure students have a high positive esteem on they carry themselves and execute their duties. To achieve this, teachers appreciate that no one student is identical regarding talents and skills and they train students how to recognize their diverse expertise and talents and how to apply them in life. A decent person is the one who can accommodate the opinions of others, through debates, students challenge others on various motions, but they appreciate the views aired by others an aspect core to democracy. Good teachers train students on how to be charitable; a student is taught on the benefits of sharing with others who may be in need. Good, are people mind about the welfare of others and consider how their actions will affect others and mindful of others at school and later on in life.