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Sample Essay on Ethics

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Sample Essay on Ethics

I should go pick my classmate. This is because of the moral liability of the ultimate aspects and humanity interdependence. Scruples has progressed with us as well as our human ecomportments. The classmate has an opinion as well as the deference to be listened to in addition to being heard. This further shows the requirement of affability. The fact that the classmate is in a vulnerable and attention should be acquainted to her desperate situation. This should be done despite the trustworthiness or actuality of the specifics given.

 The safeties of the susceptible discrete identities should be highlighted. In addition, I am indebted to care for my classmate since my resources are not depleted. Ethics of care demand that one compromises to accommodate the longings of other people. This is imperative in nourishing the relationships. This is done by intellectualizing and boosting the well-being of both parties. This is done in communal interactions.

The impacts of this decisions offer a forum of mutual opportunities and benefits since saving my classmate from this situation will put them in a position to be able to complete the exams. Moreover, the friend will be obligated assist me when I will be in a tricky situation. 

The critiques of ethical conceit contend that there egotism has nonentity erroneous. On the contrary, there is a nonentity moral about it. Thus, whatever action I take, none of it will be perceived as non-egoistic. Neither of the acts will be taken as magnanimous. This is for the reason that all the actions have anegotistical characteristic. For example, if I go to pick the classmate, this will be motivated by a future need where the classmate will be obligated to step in and assist me or the fear that my conscience will bother me if I never helped the classmate. On the other hand, if I do not go to pick the classmate, this will be motivated by the desire to get enough rest and prepare for my exams the following day.

An Individual should stop cogentegotism as well as morality. This is because the two are not a surplus attributes of the egoism. The critics perceive virtuous egotism as the foundation for immorality. This is because doing what interest an individual can be right or wrong. Picking the classmate can be disputed as mistaken or precise. This is related to the statuses and the kind of discussion.

As an individual, I would pick my classmate. This rejoinder is aligned to the collective principle degotism concept. This is because I weighed interests of my act besides my desire to pass my exams. This should be done by maximizing on the pleasure that I will get and ensuring that any possible causes of pain are avoided. The imagination that my classmate might be going through difficult moments is enough source of pain to me. Toevade such agony, it is reasonable that I pick her. In addition, this act will be considered as a way of reaching my personal interest. This is for the reason that ethical egoists consider other people’s interests as a way of achieving their ends.

An ethical egotistic person would not collect the classmate. This is owing to the element one acts in the best if their personal interests. The judgments, behaviors and engagements of an individual are motivated by personal good. This should be done in accordance with morality. In this case, the extent of the morality determines the decent to be pursued. It is good that a student performs excellently in examinations. It is also good that the safety of my classmate is assured. One culture would not hold student partying as moral. Thus, the sacrificing to pick a student who is late partying may not be held as morally good.

 In addition, the expression of motive and passion may have dictated the kind of response adopted. In one has exam phobia and needs enough rest prior to exams or feels too tired to move around in the night, picking the classmate may not be an options. The individual may reason that the classmate went partying as a personal may just let the classmate maneuvers her way back to college.

Every person knows what their prerequisites and longings are. This places the individual in a position to pursue their desires committedly, which leads to efficacy. For example, despite the fact that I will pick my classmate, I do not know what her wants or desires are. Thus, I don’t the perfect viewpoint at the best position to pursue them. She can decide to continue with partying after I arrived to pick her. In this, she will be pursuing what is of good to her. 

Ethics of care appreciate the contextual information in a situation based on the cultural competencies. This goes a long way in promoting the interests of susceptible individuals to be of great importance in appreciating the cultures of a community.

In a culture, the moral frameworks advance in a way that suits a particular situation. Thus, there does not exists an unprejudiced veracious or mistake. This is because scruples is comparative in communities. It is worth pointing out that each culture evaluates and deduces what is ethically acceptable and what is not. The techniques that are required are not predominantly the prediction of the effective outcomes but that of realizing the effective models that lead to success. Morality becomes an apprenticeship. This is because individuals learn under the guidance of clear stipulated rules. The consequences if each act seems to be so well calculated.

However, the societal morals should not dictate moral life depending on the how individual follow moral rules and incorporating them in particular demanding situations. This should be done with by emphasizing on the character within the society and not the beliefs of that particular individual.

The manner in which a specific individual would have handled the state depends on the ethnic beliefs. A community that advocates for close familial ties would have an individual opt to pick the classmate as opposed to one that advocates for individualism. Such communities include the Native American Latinos and the African cultures where the community emphasizes on the family relationships.

Ethics of care are founded on interconnectedness and interdependence among individuals. Thus, an obligation to other and ourselves is emphasized. In this case, recognition of dependency is unavoidable. It is morally good that I pick my classmate from the party. This act will be based on universal ethical egoism. The cultural beliefs of a community can affect the response that would be embraced in this dilemma. The communities that belief in communal ties would advocate the student be picked while those that believe in individualism and self-dependence would advocate for the classmate finding her way out of the mess.


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Sample Essay on Ethics

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Sample Essay on Ethics

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Sample Essay on Ethics

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