Sample Coursework Paper on Marijuana

The passing of the amendments to the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies of 2017 on 14 April 2014 by the Senate Appropriations Committee which allows for the use of medical marijuana by veterans was one of the major significant steps towards legalization and medical use of marijuana in the mainstream healthcare (Kime par. 1-2). Many arguments have been forward against legalization and medical use of marijuana. However, as have been shown by such landmark steps and passing of laws in some states across the United States, the key is regulation. Any substance including food can be harmful if not properly regulated. Therefore, when regulated properly marijuana has numerous medical and recreational benefits which can significantly reduce cost of medical services while improving quality of health and therefore should be allowed.

Adults especially those of sound mind are capable of making sound decisions. Banning marijuana violates their freedom of choice especially when it comes to recreational activities. Therefore, when legalized for recreational and medicinal use, marijuana can significantly reduce healthcare services costs. This is because regulated and rational use of marijuana by adults is safer compared to other medicines with side effects. Economically, growing and using of marijuana for recreational and medical use is relatively cheaper compared to other processed compounds used as medicines. At a personal level, prescribed marijuana has helped my distant cousin who is suffering from muscle spasm to relax the muscles during such episodes. It is also a valuable relaxer during such episodes and when he is suffering from anxiety. In conclusion, marijuana when properly used consciously and legally by rational adults provides numerous recreational and medical benefits. It should therefore its used should be allowed.

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