Writing Argumentative Essay on Euthanasia

Writing Argumentative Essay on Euthanasia

Euthanasia refers to the practice or act of permitting death or killing an injured or hopelessly sick individual in a way that is relatively less painful for merciful reasons. Each year, thousands of people suffer injuries while others are diagnosed with severe terminal illnesses. Although medication can ease pain temporarily, these people suffer unrelenting long term agony.
In different parts of the world, euthanasia has been a political and moral fire storm. Nobody wants the individuals regarded as the hopelessly sick and the dying to continue suffering. Euthanasia entails merciful killing of the hopelessly sick and the dying people. Many people disagree with this idea for various reasons.
Antagonists of euthanasia argue that taking life of another person is a crime. They argue that nobody has a right to take life of another person and that no one should determine whether another person will or should die. It is also difficult to determine whether taking the life of a person will benefit them. As such, euthanasia should not be made legal because it violates the principle of medical ethics. It is also unconstitutional and against Christ’s teachings.
On the basis of these arguments, these people believe that life is sacred. Only God should decide when one should die and how. Most doctors who work with terminally ill patients say that they strive to make life of their patients as comfortable as possible. Dying goes against the advice and efforts of a doctor. However, this cannot be used as the basis of refusing to help a patient die.

In conclusion, argument about euthanasia is a highly heated one with those against it saying it degrades moral characters of both the doctors and the patients. However, some doctors argue that a life that has no function or purpose is not worth trying to sustain especially when sustaining it causes more suffering to the patient.
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