Writing an Essay on Post 9/11 GI Bill

Writing an Essay on Post 9/11 GI Bill

In 2008, congress made an educational assistance act of the Post 9/11 veterans’ law. This resulted to the amendment of the 38th title of the US constitution. The amendment included a third chapter that deals with educational benefits that are extended to military veterans who have been in service since 9/11 2001. The educational benefits provided by this amendment are commonly known as the post 9/11 GI bill.

This bill seeks to address secondary illiteracy and emotional conditions in the society among military veterans. The bill addresses these conditions by providing welfare help and paying college fees to war veterans. The model used is similar to the one provided by the initial GI bill that was adopted after World War II.

Veterans who have been serving in the military since 2001 receive 100 percent funding for a graduate program of four years. These benefits can also be transferred to children and spouses. However, they must serve for a period that is not less than ten years. Senator Jim Webb proposed this act in 2007 and it was affected on 2009. Nevertheless, some parts of the act were earmarked for changes in the future.

To be eligible for the benefits provided by this act, you must be actively involved in the military service. You must have also attained a certificate of high school education. Eligible veterans can opt for a college or university education program. Veterans’ affairs department is in charge of the management of the veterans.

It provides the following services to military service veterans:

ü  Quality health services.

ü  Compensation and benefits.

ü  Honoring the veterans.

ü  Homes to the homeless veterans.

The department also acts as an agency that conducts research on how lives of the veterans can be improved. It also strives to understand the needs of veterans and how they can be met. Since the adoption of this act, the central government has been the financier of these services and benefits through the defense department.

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