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With reference to the links provided, there are a various forms in which domestic violence takes.Domestic violence can take the form of sexual assault, rape, dating violence, aggravated and simple assault and robbery perpetrated by intimate family members to their immediate family members or other immediate relatives. According to the U.S Department of justice report on Non-Fatal Domestic Violence 2003-2012, the female gender was the most vulnerable to such forms of domestic justice as opposed to their male counterparts (Truman & Morgan, 2014).

Similarly, studies from the reports indicate that there are various relationships that can lead to instances of domestic violence. For example, an assault by either a boyfriend or a girlfriend on either would result to instances of domestic violence as both parties would be related intimately. In addition to the aforementioned, crime committed by a relative to a

The similarity of domestic violence offenders across all population is that a large percentage of them were serving time for sexual assault of a relative. Then again, almost 75 percent of the domestic violence offenders in all state prisons were charged with an offence against their sons or their daughters(“Family Violence Statistics”, 2005). The main differences of the domestic violence offenders across all populations were that the male counterparts formed a huge percentage of domestic violence offenders. Additionally, six out of ten of domestic violence offenders were white across all state prisons in America.

Moving forward, the similarity of domestic violence victims across all populations was that they had faced trauma after the incident.In addition to the aforementioned, another similarity was that a large number of them were the female gender who had been assaulted sexually. The differences of the domestic violence offenders across all population were that 70 percent of the victims were above the age of 18 and the remaining 30 percent were below the age of 18.

From the statistics, it is important to note that however much domestic violence takes various forms, sexual assault is the most common in the United States.








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