Sample Essay Writing Paper on Week 2 Reflection

In my line of work as a sales representative, I have learned that how you relate to
customers is what determines the success and failure in a business establishment for it is true that
customer is key. Many are times where a customer comes to purchase a product which they have
no idea how it works or how to use it. It is entirely up to you to explain everything to them and
teach them how to use it. For example, when a customer comes to the store unsure of what they
want, in this situation, you have to talk to the customer and ask them to give you a rough idea of
what they want to know about a product which suits their need. Sometimes a customer needs to
know that you care about them and that you are listening, and making them feel appreciated will
make a customer feel confident enough to purchase what you suggest to them.
When handing a customer and something goes wrong, apologize immediately and avoid
finding fault for that shows that you are unreliable and that can make them never come back to
your business, patience is essential especially when you are dealing with an emotional customer,
communicate well with them and assure them that you understand their point of view and you
are capable of taking care of their needs, sometimes things go wrong, and a customer gets angry
especially when they are unsatisfied with your services when that happens, as sales
representative you must stay calm and listen to their complaints and offer an immediate solution.
Customers are the most valued assets, for without them you would be out of business .if you are
kind to them, they always come back, and they also recommend you to others, thus making your
sales high and your business a success.